Salento Day 2

For the DAY2 I have almost followed the program I scheduled: I woke up early and went for my usual jogging, had breakfast (a bit healthier than yesterday's) than I came back to the room to get ready to go out: first destination Gallipoli. Just as happen to all woman I took a bit longer than I calculated, so I was late on my timetable before starting it! But I'm having holidays so I have the right to be late (there is always an excuse, but this time sounds really fine!)

In Gallipoli I had a walk on the seafront and I chased a really-not-collaborated seagull of which I couldn't shot the video I already had shot in my mind, and on the way to the restaurant I had a quick look to the city who become fascinating after the Cittavecchia's bridge. The lunch menu was composed by tuna carpaccio (softer than Rio Mare who you can cut with a breadstick) and pistachio pesto's paccheri with cherry tomatoes and cacio.. Tasty!

The time was running fast and I had a date with an old friend who I saw the last time almost two years ago so, after the compulsory old town tour, I ran in Lecce where I had an amazing evening chatting and tasting a good glass of white wine and a burrata (I will never eat so much again, I swear, but hey, I ran this morning!). I'm so tired, but I had a great day!

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