Week 6 Autumn term 1

In mantle, the children met King Charles ll from 1666.

The children helped him put the fire out using water squirts, leather buckets and fire hooks.
The children asked King Charles ll what he was going to do about the buildings burning down. The King’s Bakers had nowhere to bake the bread for the king. We’ll have ask the king what to do next. Thomas Farriners bakery in Pudding Lane burned down.
The children uploaded their instructions for making bread onto Seesaw. The teacher gave verbal feedback and the children corrected their work.

In number work, the children have been learning how to set out vertical additions with a tricky units column into their books.

In English we have been reading Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. This week we began drawing a story map and made up actions to help us retell the story in our writing. Watch the video to see how we are getting on!

Just a bit of fun! We love this rhyme!

P.E. was so much fun! We played a pirate game where we had to steal treasure from the other team. We were only allowed to take one piece of treasure at a time. Then Mr Breheny introduced a new rule where we could steal two pieces of treasure at a time, so long as one was balanced on our head! If it fell off, it was lost in the ocean for ever!
Our stars this week!

Evie made a beautiful fish tank diorama at home, well worthy of a mention in Mrs Caffrey’s Golden Book!

Stephen really impressed us with his fantastic coordination in P.E. this week.

Very well done to both of you!