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Billy Collins' TED Talk that we watched in class interested me a lot. He read two poems that were "written by dogs." These poems were written by him through a dog's perspective. One of the poems was very positive while the other was not very positive. This video showed us how perspective can be very important for creativity and to think about all perspectives while working.

The 3D Printing project was one that really introduced me to the class and warmed me up for what this class was going to become. Working with a group was interesting and I had struggles because the first group I was in was disassembled and split into new groups but I joined a new one and got going. The project demonstrated how many different types of creativity go into one thing and that a team with different types of members that have different skills can go a long way.

The Ideo shopping cart video taught me how much really goes into innovation. As we discovered in class, the project uses all of the creative thinking tools as the group of innovators at Ideo changes the shopping cart design. They work together with a group of all different kinds of people and they improve an existing idea to make it even better. Watching this video at the end of the semester in addition to the beginning really changed my perspective on the video.
On the first day of class, we were instructed to build the tallest structure we could while we waited for class to begin. Some people got there early and started building right away while others got there later and walked into what probably seemed like chaos on the first day. It was the first taste of what an Innovation Academy class would be like and who our classmates were. At that moment I knew I was going to have to stretch what I was used to thinking about for this class and I was spot on.
When we had to build towers out of straws each team had members that had hindrances. Some people had to have their eyes closed while other people had to keep their hands behind their backs and others couldn't talk. This taught us how to overcome adversity during innovation. It also shows us that we use our other senses more when we have one taken away from us.
The tessellations we made one day was one of my favorite days because it was something simple that has a meaning to it. When I was making them I realized that everything fits together and I was able to recognize patterns. Recognizing patterns is a creative thinking tool and it is important to our path to learning innovation.

The creative person resume was an interesting activity to perform as homework because we had to jump into the mind of someone else and write from their perspective about their lives. It challenged us to research a creative person and hopefully lead us to their process of creativity. Discussing it in class demonstrated how creative people come from all over and take all kinds of paths to success.

While it wasn't this relaxing, the first speaker series was very interesting, At one point, one person was guiding another that was closing their eyes throughout the room. It was much better than sitting in a lecture hall like the one in this background and watching someone talk. Being active as an audience kept us engaged and kept our minds going. The bonding with others at the Speaker Series really led to creative ideas at other points in the series as well such as when we were dancing in groups and passing along ideas.
John Bohannon's TED Talk was one of the more inspiring videos we watched in class. He discussed how using dance to present ideas was better than using powerpoints. While the presentation is active it keeps the viewers minds active and interested in what the presenter is saying.

The 30 Day Challenge was the one thing that stood out most to me about the class. It was one assignment that accounts for a lot of our grade, but besides that, it goes on in our minds for 30 days in a row. Not many assignments in classes do that to students. One assignment was on our mind for a month straight. That gave me much more appreciation for the assignment while reflecting on the semester in the class. I created a new word and definition for 20 days straight which is something I did not expect to be doing and is something I overestimated from the start. The 30 day challenge used all creative thinking tools every day for 30 days straight and that was my biggest challenge and will be my most meaningful activity when I reflect on the class in the future.


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