Plaszów Concentration camp

PLASZÓW__________ Facts.
The Plaszów camp, established in 1942 under the authority of the SS officers and police leaders in Krakow. The camp was initially a forced-labor camp for Jews. The original site of the camp included two Jewish cemeteries. From time to time the SS officer enlarged the camp. It reached its maximum size in 1944, the same year that it became a concentration camp. Until that time, most of the camp guards were among Soviet soldiers.
Plaszów was surrounded by an electric barbed-wired fence and was divided into several sections. The camp had barracks for German personnel, factories, warehouses, a men's camp and a women's camp, and a "labor education camp" for Polish workers. Poles and Jews were segregated within the camp. The largest number of people confined in Plaszów at any one time was over 20,000. Thousands were killed there, mostly by shooting.

There once was a nice S.S. officer, he helped out the prisoners. Here is his story.

Today was my first day, and I will never forget it . I am Jew myself , don't think l am a hypocrite. I was forced to work as an officer. My name is BILLYBOBJOE. My nickname is Whisper for my help.

He worked with the prisoners

I meet many prisoners both unaware of what was going on and some who were scared. I didn't know what to do. There was one thing I could do, give out food, tell secrets and help them survive. I worked near barrack 7. Amon Gothe was on camp ground and was looking for Jews to kill . He killed 7 Jews. I decided to help a prisoner, his name was "Luke."

He found a map

I found a map with every concentration camp! I can't show anyone this or I'll be shot, hanged or worse being brought to Birkenau gas chambers . I hid the map in my pocket . Then told Luke what I was going to do . He nodded and he continued his work .

I was scared, Amon starred at Luke then he asked Luke what he was doing. Luke replied with and said he was picking up a bolder . I was terrified too, but I had to continue. I went to the barracks to get some information on the S.S officers. I searched the the officer Billy's station. I found some bread and food enough for months.

l successfully got food. I gave most of the food to the prisoners. Soon the Americans came and saved the Jews and other prisoners. I shared my food with the soldiers. We were given the option to go to America or stay in the allies land. I chose to to American.

That's why I am writing the story.

Compare and contrast

Compare: They were in the same camp

Contrast: only in Plaszów

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