Global poverty and the enviroment

148 million children under the age of 5 in developing regions are underweight for their age.
In 2008, 8.8 million children worldwide died before their 5th birthday.
4 million newborns worldwide are dying in the first month of life.


Water is one of the most basic human needs if your water is not clean it can affect you for your entire life. 884 million people in the world lack access to safe water supplies and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related disease. If you have unsanatized water it can make you sick preventing you from going to school, helping family, and if you do not get treatment you can easily die.

Food and nutrition

People in developing countries do have food and are rarely starving but they do not have the kind of food for a well balanced and nutritional diet. Having a well balanced diet is so important if you are to be strong and healthy. If you are week because you are malnourished you are more susceptible to disease.


A good job is very hard to get in poorer countries so many people are farmers or they have irregular work. People who do irregular work can face days where the go without work.


Most towns have schools but there are many factors that can stop youfrom going to school. It can be challenging to go to school if you are sick because of dirty water it can also be challenging if there is a language barrier.

Natural disaster

When natural disaster strikes it can be devastating. It can destroy an entire crop or home.

Foreign assistance is aid given to other countries to support global peace, security and development efforts. US foreign aid started after world war 2 with the Marshall plan. In the coming year of 2017 USAID is looking to spend 34.0 billion dollars on foreign aid. Over 100 countries will benefit from this aid.

Categories of aid

  • Peace and security - 3.8 billion
  • Democracy and human rights - 2.7 billion
  • Education and social services - 1.1 billion
  • Health - 9.3 billion
  • Economic development - 3.6 billion
  • Humanitarian assistance- 6.0 billion
  • Enviroment 1.3 billion

The top 10 countries that receive the most assistance are Israel, Egypt, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzuni, Ethiopia and Iraq.

The enviroment sector is doing their best to make sure that environments and the Climate stay intact. The enviroment and climate are crucial parts to any functioning country. In 60 years the earths population will have increased by 2 billion creating a bigger demand for resources.

USAID is doing there best to make sure that all countrys continue to have copious amounts of natural resources

In 2010 USAID helped at least 930,000 people across th globe Improve there incomes through natural resource management. By 2016 USAID will have helped 20 countries improve economy's and lower emissions.

In Breko, Bosnia and Herzegovina people have to deal with unpredictable power outages. Since September this year the USAID and its partners teamed up to create a reliable power grid. These people have 51% less power outages than they used to.



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