Art Robot-penguin by: hetti


Our robot is a moving penguin that uses markers to draw. That markers are connected to the penguin and is touching the paper, and when the penguin moves, it draws lines. To make the robot move Alton coded it so when you click a button it will make the robot move back and forth and also make it stop.

Our original idea

We originally wanted to make a freddy robot, but it was too hard, we couldn't find a way to make freddy jump, so we changed it to a pengiun. We decided that we wanted the robot to be a robot and we wanted it to draw when it moves. We also wanted it to be a medium size.

This was our first sketch.

This was the sketch of our fist idea, we dont have a sketch of the penguin, because we reused the body of freddy to make the penguin.

New robot

We wanted to put a sensor on the robot, but we ended up taking it off because our sensor wasn't working. We tried to add a different kind of sensor, it was like a twisting one but it also didn't work, so we just took it off. This didnt really change our design at all.

For the new robot we also decided to add wheels so it could roll, unlike put original idea. One of our hardest things to deal with was balancing the robot.

Alton made the code so when you clicked certain buttons the robot would move back and fourth


Before we made our robot, so when we were thinking about making freddy, I wasn't sure if it was going to work or not, I was also unsure of how it would look, because our design was really complicated and I had no idea what Freddy was, but I wanted to try it out anyway. I thought that everything was going to be easy. As we started to build I realized that it was actually really hard and that what we wanted in our robot was going to take a while. After we decided changed it to a penguin, all I thought about was getting it done in time and just getting code to work. In the end the robot looks great, the code works and it moves perfectly.

I feel like my design skills got a little better because I realized that you have to make an easier design first and add more difficult things later.

When i saw many other peoples groups i saw that most of their robots had an up and down movement, like the hand was hitting the paper. Another group also had a catapult. We were one of the only groups that had the whole entire robot move, not just of part of the robot. We were also the only group that made an animal. I think the other groups idea of making a robot was a lot easier than the way we made ours. We had to make wheels and find a way to balance the whole robot.


This was the art that our robot made
This is a picture of the robot making art

Success or not

I honestly think that our robot was a success, besides the sensor part. the robot moves and draws perfectly. It took us a while, there were many issues with the code and sensor. We kept on getting sensors that didn't work so we changed the whole sensor to a twisty one and we kept the code the same. but in the end we took the sensor off because it wasnt working, but that didnt matter because it was a extra part. in the end, I would think it was a success.

I would now want to make something almost the same, maybe a catapult and I would want to use a distance sensor.

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