Intuition: an Engine to Personal Security?

Security starts in feeling secure. It lies deep down within the person. Ancient philosophers such as Sun Tzu recognized that mental security is the engine for physical security!

But how to feel secure in an uncertain world?!

A close protection officer, as well as any individual, who thrives for feeling secure, should be an intuitive psychologist at heart. But what does it mean? It is simply to have the ability to listen to your inner wisdom & relate it to external observations. Subsequently, you choose how to react to the event.

In fact, leaders such as Napoleon considered intuition as very high quality in the selection process of commanders and generals!

In a world not running any time soon out of distractions, one has to be mentally strong and stable enough to hear in the noise or at least be aware of its impact.

Test Yourself?

Do this test, can you listen to your own inner-voice while speaking to multiple people at a time. What do you find? Well, it is usually "either or" - either you listen to your inner-voice or the voice of others. Scientific evidence shows that humans are not as multi-functional as they wish!

Training for Comprehensive Sense of Security:

It takes training to master hearing your intuition and linking it all the way up to exogenous factors from the real world. How to do that is through conducting both Intuitive Assessment (soft evidence) and Risk Assessment (hard data-based evidence) - altogether!

Indeed, as hearing one's own intuition is not easy. It takes other qualities such as self-confidence in one's own abilities, courage and inner calmness prima facie to actually listen.

  1. To give you a quick overview of the steps of the combined Intuitive Assessment and the Risk Assessment: A. Observe your intuition; B. Find counter-facts against your intuition; C. If your intuitive observations weigh more than your rational/intellectual counter-facts, follow it; otherwise, pursue the intellectual risk assessment.
  2. Have the Samurai warrior spirit! Once you trust your intuition and estimate the risks around you, take action & follow through it!

In fact, if you want to know a major difference between a secure person who would be generally an intuitively rational person - and a terrorist, it lies in their ability to maintain their inner well-being. For a terrorist (of any kind), their inner well-being is stripped away. Fear takes the driving seat in their behavior!

Not just Think before you Act, Feel before you Act

This is why, next time you think, remember to FEEL as well BEFORE acting... It is better to take time in a comprehensive assessment than time takes you away! In fact, this can saves you a confrontation before it even happens & if not, your offensive decision will still be to your best judgment!

Intuition for a Close Protection Officer:

  • Intuition is essential for multiple reasons for a Close Protection Officer as well as any person who would prefer to stay discrete and ensure psychical security of themselves and their principal(s); without jeopardizing mental security, by over-securitizing the situation: their ability to hear their intuition and relate it to external risk is essential
  • Intuition would help you further counter the basic principle of war; that is, deception. As deception starts in the minds rather than as a physical manifestation, the earlier you calculate intuitively, the closer your risk assessment would be to your desired outcome!
  • Out of the crowd, you would know when to step-in!

What do you think of the article? Or let's say by now, what do you feel & think about the article?!

News Flash: Do you know that just by feeling insecure, there is a more probability that your life becomes more sedimentary, eventually affecting your physical health & quality of life!

If you do not believe in the power vested by intuition, try it out! The trolley problem is essentially testing, among other things, the speed of your security decision based on your intuitive reaction! Remember, you can but only save as many in both cases - or even freeze permitting a mass death!

Fight or flight?! This is your intuitive decision!

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