The Toddler Program Devin Camp, Kyla owens, Kathleen duran

In this program your toddler will have a day with yoga, music, and snacks!

Date: April 23rd, 2017

Time: 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm

Age range: 3 years old.

Location: Sod room in Chicago.

Cost: $8

Your child will start the day off with yoga. This will help to stretch out their muscles and work on Gross Motor skills. Toddlers will learn different positions while socializing with other toddlers. After that, toddlers will have snack time! Healthy options will be provided-fruits, vegetables, crackers, yogurt etc. While eating your child will work on fine motor skills while using spoons and other utensils. Toddlers will end the day with music class. Instruments in the sod room will teach toddlers fine motor skills with using their hands.

This yoga pose will help with balancing and focus.
This yoga pose will help with holding them selves up.
Snack #1: Turtles made out of apples, grapes and goldfish. This is cute and fun but also healthy. This is an easy snack that the toddlers will want to eat this,
Snack #2: Toddlers will be able to choose their own toppings for their yogurt. The toppings will be healthy options like strawberries and granola.
This is an example of an instrument our toddlers will use during our music class. A song example could be row row row your boat.
This is another example of a instrument they would use. There will be many instruments and different songs for them to sing and play to!

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