Tulsa Gazette Written by: Ashton Taylor, Layla Rose, Netta Al-Awam

Obituary of Johnny Cade

By: Ashton Taylor

Johnny Cade, known to his friends as Johnnycake, age 16, died from injuries sustained from a fire at the abandoned church in Windrexeville, Oklahoma. In his short life, he was a non conformist he touched many people. In the accident that caused his death, Johnny died a hero when he saved his best friend's life, as well as the lives of a group of school children who had entered the burning building. Johnny enjoyed the poem 'Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost and encouraged his friend to follow the meaning of the poem and stay innocent and pure.

While Johnny was estranged from his family, he died surrounded by his friends and local gang members, the Greasers, who considered him the pet of the group.

You will be missed. Stay gold Johnny.

Opinion from Ponyboy

By: Ashton Taylor

What if you lost your loved ones, and all you had was your two older brothers. Wouldn't it be tough? Losing my parents was heartbreaking. I felt alone and sad. I bet millions of people reading this right now, come home from school everyday and walk in the door to hear their parents say "How was your day at school?" Well i don't get that everyday, i walk in from a hard day at school, to see my brothers smoking cigarettes and chugging bottles of liquor with their buddy's. After my parents passed away, i lot of things changed. My oldest brother Darry, dropped out of college, and my second oldest brother Sodapop dropped out of high school. My parents dying has forced us to group up quicker, and with much more finical stress, not to mention the impact of not having a mother and a father. My parents were a radiant presence in my life that was unable to be replaced after their death.


Publisher: Netta Al-Awam

As we interviewed the local police in the morning we found out more about the teen who was killed by young delinquent Johnny Cade earlier this week. Investigators say they showed up to the scene where they found Bob’s limp body lying on the ground beside the fountain at the park. When we later spoke with Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny claimed he killed him sheerly out of self defense. Eyewitnesses say that they stood in horror as they watched Bob (the killed teen) try and drown Ponyboy Curtis under the water of the fountain. To which Johnny courageously stood up and allegedly stabbed the teen to death. Some have described him as a menace and others a hero. Witnesses also say that not long after the murder Ponyboy and Johnny both ran away from the crime scene. This interview is the first we’ve seen of the two boys in some time after the incident. As we look further into this case we found out some crucial information about the rest of the boys who were at the park the night of the killing. Apparently, the two groups of boys at the scene were rival gangs of the local area. They go by the names the Socs and the Greasers. We believe this may of had something to do with the killing. As of right now authorities are not sure of where is stands in terms of filing a lawsuit against the boys, more will come later this week as we hope to have them put in a trial to settle this once and for all.

One of the first two police cars that were first to the scene.


I believe that the book The Outsiders had many possible themes to it. The one I choose was that never judge a book by its cover. That pretty much means that never think of something by the way it looks because it could come out to surprise you that it is totally different from what you expected. So with that said, in the book the socs’ and the greasers were rivalries. The socs’ thought of the greasers to be poor and gross, and never make good grades and they want to fight all for fun. In the book they really did all of that but that wasn’t really who they were. The socs’ were mean, didn’t care about anything but themselves and were rich. In the book they were like that. But, the thing is Cherry (a socs’) wasn’t like that at all. She wasn’t rude to the greasers and liked them. Ponyboy (a greaser) wasn’t like a greaser at all either. He liked and did totally different things from the greasers. Ponyboy and Cherry became good friends. They both liked watching the sunsets like this one. Both of these sunsets were radiating . They always tell each other if they can see the sunset well from the other side, because they are in different gangs but don’t really act like they belong in the gang. This picture of a sunset is here because they may be in different gangs but don’t act like it and this sunset keeps them who they are. So, the theme “don’t judge a book by its cover” really relates to this book because Cherry and Ponyboy are in two different groups, but don’t belong in them. Sometimes you may be able to assume things about some people, like in The Outsiders, but you won’t be able to assume it about everyone.

The Two Outsiders

By: Layla Rose


One of the sunsets that Cherry and Ponyboy might have seen


The Outsiders Book Review

I recently finished just finished a book called The Outsiders. This book was a really great book and if I had to rate it out of 5 stars I would rate it a 4.5. It was really that great. You should go and check it out. Don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers. Let's start off with some of my favorite parts of this book. Whenever Ponyboy and Cherry would talk about the sunset, because it really showed a connection between the two of them and the differences of them to their gangs. Another part I really loved was the part when Ponyboy and Johnny were always looking at the views and reciting poems when the rest of their gang weren't there. I really liked this part because it showed how different they were from the rest of their gangs. They were really outsiders compared to the rest of them. The big part that I really disliked was whenever a socs would come up to a gang of a single greaser and act like they are better then all greaser when really they aren't. A rumor in the book is that none of the socs showed emotion well that changed. It shows that no one is better than another one. All of them were very gallant in this book and that is one reason why I loved it. Some themes in this book that stood out were:

By: Layla Rose

Never judge a book by its cover.

Stay true to yourselves

Family is forever

Don’t run away from your problems

Don’t give up

Now that is only a few every important themes, but the most important themes. This book really was a good one and I would read it again if I wanted to. I really think you should go get this book because it is really good has looks of important themes that relate to your life and is a fun and packed book.


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