The Secret Silo + other things by sidney thomason

this was fun

when reading the syllabus i had no clue what P211.T45 meant, but after some in-depth research i found that there were two parts and one was a silo and the other was a book.

sooooooo fun

David Tillinghast created these things. he created them to portray his "view of the relationship between agriculture and written language" (

there are many canons of rhetoric on display here. Tillinghast used invention when created his idea of what he wanted his art installation to be, and then executed that idea that he had in order to let others see his viewpoint. this idea in his arrangment he gives a clue within the silo that leads to the book. he is layering his ideas, first in the silo he is saying that agriculture is like a a fundamental and basic structure. in people's memory they think of a silo and thing agriculture. the silo tells where the book is hidden. in this delivery of presenting his ideas he is saying that agriculture leads to education, and education leads to the written language. i believe this is what Tillinghast was trying to convey through the use of the canons or rhetoric. using pathos, Tillinghast tries to convey the feeling of mystery and solving that mystery using the clues he sets up. this puts people in the mindset of discovery, which is what education and the written language are all about. he uses logos in how he gives the clue of where to find the book by telling exactly where it is. he does not say some riddle or rhyme, he appeals to logic and tells the facts of where it is. there are many books with signatures, like the original that tillinghast created, because people keep adding on their names and ideas. this represents people adding onto history and the written language, and how education is always changing and people are always adding their own ideas to things.

getting to see other deltas do the same thing we did truly blew my mind. time travel

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