STAIR4SECURITY Project End Results July 2021

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 853853.


  • The STAIR4SECURITY Project: an Overview
  • STAIR4SECURITY: Project Results: The STAIR4SECURITY Platform, the STAIR4SECURITY eLearning Tool, refinement to the improved CWA and fast-track adopting procedure for the CBRNe/ DRR community
  • STAIR4SECURITY Final Event
  • STAIR4SECURITY Sustainability Plan Beyond Project's End
"STAIR4SECURITY is a project that contributed towards the ambition to strengthen the interaction between all stakeholders involved in the security landscape and bringing standardization closer to research and innovation actors, which is a key objective to ensure an inclusive European standardization system. The results of STAIR4SECURITY will be very valuable for Horizon Europe, the new European framework programme for R&I that is about to start."

Livia Mian, Project Coordinator

The STAIR4SECURITY project is coordinated by CEN/CENELEC bringing together a comprehensive, experienced and multi‐disciplinary team with a highly diverse expertise and skill-set. Its objective is to promote the use of standardization and best practice in the DRR/CBRNe sector and to enable better coordination between public and private actors at international, European, national and local level, to respond to security threats and disruptive events. The STAIR4SECURITY project has 8 organisations across 6 countries. Find our more here.

The STAIR4SECURITY Project: an Overview

The primary objective of the project is to develop the STAIR4SECURITY framework, which comprises of a core platform, supporting eLearning tool that is complemented with a newly revised CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) and fast-track procedure. The framework is designed specifically to meet the growing needs of Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear and small sized quantity Explosives (CBRNe) and Disaster Resilience/Disaster Risk Reduction community for better European standardization governance and engagement. It is designed to support policy makers, practitioners, industry, researcher and standardizers on innovation research and standardization results. It is intended that the results will also be invaluable for Horizon Europe, initially in DG-Home, particularly for the identification of needs and gaps for standardization.

The STAIR4SECURITY platform is policy and practitioner driven and will be used as a mechanism for a more effective coordination of research-related standardization activities with a particular focus on Disaster resilience and CBRNe. It will be built on from a legacy of identified projects and designed with alignment to policy priorities to the foreground. The platform will enable a better overview of the current and new projects to be more easily realised at European levels and provides top/down and bottom/up capability. The undertaking also aims to ensure that a much-improved coordination capability between stakeholders in response to critical needs including research and innovation is also more readily realised and accomplished.

STAIR4SECURITY: Project Results


The first objective of the project is to establish an expert platform for the better coordination of research-related standardization activities in the security sector and in particular for the DRR/CBRNe community. The platform builds on from a legacy of identified projects, and provides a “single entry point” for any query related to pre-standardization and standardization in the DRR and CBRNe sectors. The development of the STAIR4SECURITY Platform was achieved through the iterative and agile development process. It enables the evolution of the software through communication between different various actors of the platform. Based on the feedback received from the different categories of stakeholders and participants of the platform demonstration, the software requirements were refined and documented in the STAIR4SECURITY Framework.

Two versions of the digital platform were developed within the first year and demonstrated to consortium members in March 2019 and participants of the NO-FEAR/-STAIR4SECURITY Conference in November 2019. During both events, positive feedbacks on the platform were received and suggestions for improvements were provided to guide future iterations and versions of the platform. TFC developed and agile approach to support the undertaking and engagement with the target communities such through webinars, presentations and hackathon/forum approach delivered much to bring the work being conducted to the development of the platform nearer to meeting the needs of the primary target groups – practitioners and policy makers.

To validate the current state of the platform and supporting eLearning tool, an early alpha (December, 2020), an alpha (February, 2021), and a beta release (March, 2021) has been launched to the wider DRR community. Following the STAIR4SECURITY final event and given the outreach generated through the sessions, an increased number of people has expressed their interest in using the platform and eLearning tool. Further engagement is anticipated for the use of the tools beyond the life of the project. Find out more about the platform and the challenges that it addresses here.

The STAIR4SECURITY eLearning Tool

The eLearning tool, developed by KPMG FA with input from partners supported the delivery of courses materials and instructions electronically. Security operational standardisation related content can be either created by the Consortium or by different other institutions and hosted through the eLearning tool, thus establishing a resource hub. As part of the STAIR4SECURITY ecosystem, the eLearning tool:

  • Supports the STAIR4SECURITY platform by delivering tailor-made tutorials, highlighting how separate features can be used to accomplish the different phases of the pre-standardisation process;
  • Offers relevant course material in the fields of standardization, CBRN / DRR for practitioners and policymakers;
  • The tool was also designed to help navigate the user to content and material that is suitable to their level of experience in the DRR/CBRN area.

An overview of the eLearning tool’s course material and functionalities can be seen here.

The primary objective of the eLearning tool is to support the platform by providing hands-on, tailored-made tutorials for the use of the platform. To achieve this goal, the tool adopts a pro-active approach and answers specific questions that practitioners and policymakers may have while navigating through the pre-standardisation process.

Ongoing consideration for the sustainability of the tool include the collection of material developed by other European projects and current initiatives, and the single authentication entry for both platform and eLearning tool to facilitate its exploitation beyond project’s end.

Refinement to the improved CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) and fast-track adopting procedure for the CBRNe/ DRR community

The second objective of the project is the revision of the necessary standardization tools and mechanisms to fit the needs of research and innovation, particularly with the CBRNe / DRR community in mind when the market need has been outlined by the proposer. This translated in the review of the CEN and CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) process assessing its fit for purpose for the security CBRNe / DRR sector.

STAIR4SECURITY contributed to significantly advance the CWA process addressing the main gaps identified in consultation with relevant experts and practitioners and ensuring the process is suitable to meet stakeholders’ needs. Moreover, the involvement of H2020 security-related projects in the providing hands-on advices and recommendations on the fine tuning of the CWA process helped to ensure the delivery of high-quality results already tested by target users. The following points can be highlighted as main achievements of STAIR4SECURITY WP3 impact:

  • Improved CWA process addressing specific gaps identified in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  • Templates and training materials developed to support the user friendliness of the CWA process;
  • Increased usability for the security sector with a security risk analysis included in the CWA process;
  • Fast track approach solution developed to make more concrete and feasible the conversion of a CWA into another type of standardisation deliverable (European Standards, Technical Specification).

The impact of this fine-tuning of the CWA process should be assessed in the future. It would be beneficial to assess whether the revision of CEN-CENELEC Guide 29 will have a tangible impact on the number of CWAs from research projects and on the areas in which new CWAs are developed (i.e. if an increase in the number of CWAs in the security sector will be experienced). Likewise, it would be beneficial to assess whether the improvement of the fact track procedure will result in an increase in the conversion rate from a CWA to a different type of standardization deliverables. These points of reflection should be considered in the future and addressed in further revision of CEN-CENELEC Guides and procedures as the needs arise. Find out more here.


The STAIR4SECURITY final event took place on 27th and 28th of May 2021. It was hosted by KPMG FA and TFC, and covered ten sessions during the two-day event, offering an overview of the STAIR4SECURITY ecosystem and results. Presentations were carried out by members of the Consortium and guest speakers from different projects (DG-ECHO, DG-HOME, ENCIRCLE, NO-FEAR, INCLUDING, STRATEGY, and AQUA3S), some of which will share their experience in using the STAIR4SECURITY tools.

The event was promoted via the STAIR4SECURITY channels and the CERIS network, which was facilitated by Philippe Quevauviller (DG-HOME). There were over 100 participants present on Day 1 and over 85 in Day 2, accounting to nearly 100 people attending the event outside the STAIR4SECURITY Consortium and presenters during the two-day event. Attendees represented 20 countries, 83 organisations, 27 nationalities, and 49 HORIZON2020 Projects.

We are indebted to all the people who helped with the organisation of the final event, all the presenters and supporters for their dedication and commitment to STAIR4SECURITY. We will be issuing a last newsletter highlighting the current status of the project's results and future sustainability.

Recording of the two-day event could be found on the project YouTube channel.

STAIR4SECURITY - Sustainability of the STAIR4SECURITY Ecosystem beyond project's end

In line with the STAIR4SECURITY Final Event (27th and 28th of May 2021), the governance of the STAIR4SECURITY platform is being developed and led by Patricia Compard (CEN TC 391), supported by members of consortium. Key considerations critical for maintaining the ecosystem in the interim period commencing the 1st of July 2021 are currently on the way. The aim is to enhance further the platform in meeting the research, innovation, and standardisation needs of the targeted DRR community. Further dialogue with DG-HOME is anticipated to realise the next version of the platform and broader take-up within Horizon Europe. Further considerations on results' sustainability could be found here.

We would like to thank our Advisory Board members for their solid contributions in delivering the platform and eLearning tool in a manner that works for the identified practitioners and first-responders. The STAIR4SECURITY framework (i.e. platform and eLearning tool) embraces standardization and innovation and research results stemming from disaster risk resilience EU projects. It will enable policymakers and practitioners to determine with ease what is already in existence, what are the gaps, and where future innovation is required, thus enabling better cost-effective resilience to be realized.

We also want to extend our gratitude to all the experts, practitioners and policymakers who supported us throughout the lifetime of STAIR4SECURITY and whose valuable input guided us through the design and creation of the projects' results. Your time and assistance have been much appreciated by all of us from STAIR4SECURITY.

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