The Devine A good life exp.

Me and a random person in the background

This was my first time going into the Constans Theatre and was surprised how cozy and homey feeling it was. It still remained to give off a theatre vibe. Also, it helped getting there early because I was able to sit in the very front creating an experience as if I was in the show itself. So once the lights dimmed I got very excited to see the show I was waiting for during that whole day. This contributed to my good life by fulfilling anxiously waiting during the day.

Me and my friend Sarah

I went with my friend Sarah and had a blast. It gave us something to talk about afterwards and was comfortable sitting next to someone I knew. I decided to look decent since it is the theatre. By going with my friend Sarah I now have photos that I can cherish forever.


In "The Devine" the church tries to suppress the arts. This can be compared to what Trump's legislation wants to do with defunding the arts and taking it away from the public. The thing is the arts are important in society and culture since it defines human beings in a creative way.

Me and my friend Sarah. Also, to random people in the background.

It was a great play now looking back at it. Also, I thought it was nice of the cast to come out on stage and talk to the audience about the production. It allowed us to get an insight of the process and more emotional depth to the play.

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