The mistrial of Adnan Syed By amanyiel zedingil

My name is Amanyiel Zedingil I was born obn March 16,1980. I was born and raised in Baltimore , Maryland ( lived in a middle class neighborhood) , never got into trouble with the cops. Pretty good life now I work at a save a lot at the Walbrook Junction Center. Pretty good paying job , after work I usually go for a walk or a jog at leakin park . Then around mid January , January 23rd to be exact , i received a jury summons notice .On February 6th (my brothers birthday), I get mail saying the trial is going to be in 4 days at 10:00 Am , This was my first time on trial but did I have a suprise waiting for me ..
It was a gloomy day , i got dressed up in my sundays best put on a button up ,a tie ,slacks, and some dress shoes. I arrived at 9:00 that day . They called each juror in for the voir dire. The judges and attorneys asked me questions to see if i had any prejudice or bias about anything relating to the case. After everyone's asked the trial begins in comes a young Arabic man I guess he's the defendant as he receives a few cold stares from the plaintiffs side , he then looks at his parents and sits down next to the old lady ms . Gutierrez she was pretty mean during the questioning . But I was told she has done several high profile cases and even was in a case in front of the Supreme Court . Everyone gets seated and then the trial begins.
The trial begins and the atmosphere in the courtroom is gloomy . The D.A comes out asking many questions and some of them are kind of harsh. Even I was a little offended and that i felt a little bit of prejudice directed toward adnan, I make sure to memorize that there was a prejudice towards his religious community because there was a story similar to this where the guy killed his girlfriend but was convicted not guilty and after his trial he moved to Iraq . I guess they didn't want a repeat that again. The lawyer so far has pretty good evidence stacked up against with his cellphone records, and his allibi isn't really making much sense right now ,. when we see the cellphone records he's already done , but the D.A brings out the nails to put adnan in a coffin. Out comes Jay Wilds.
In comes Jay Wilds, the man who supposedly was with adnan when the whole thing happened, arrived . I've seen Jay before he would hang around the junkies for a while and then leave this occurred by the Junction Center I think he sells them the drugs , and according to the podcast he was a drug dealer . He starts off with the story of how adnan came up with the plan to kill Hae his ex girlfriend. Jay claims that adnan gave him his car and phone and he was going to catch a ride with hae and kill her. The plan ended up not working out as adnan did not get a ride from hae according to an eye witness at that time (in the serial podcast) . Yet Hae did not pick up her little cousin from school and I'm positive that adnan is not fast enough or driven enough to go all the way to haes cousins school by walking just to kill her. As adnan and Hae still had a great relationship so I'm thinking to myself what would drive him to really kill his ex , according to jay it was jealousy which drove adnan to kill her but still doesn't make sense as they both had moved on. Even if this wasn't solid enough jay pulls out the phone records and says they buried haes body in leakin park.
As the trial was progressing many people only needed to hear the eye witnesss to convict adnan of the crime , whilst I don't think that the guy who was going to kill or killed the girl , all of a sudden becomes a Good Samaritan. Then just rat your "friend" out for no reason seems really fishy to me . But as shown in 12 angry men that not everything you hear is true in the trial maybe the main witness has an alternative motive like the old man who wanted attention but this time it was jay who was the old man who needed to save himself . Also that people are willing to just send an 18 year old to jail , and just keep him there for a long time which is pretty ruthless for many people.
Now as a person who commonly goes to leakin park I know that it would be very hard to find a body you would just have to wonder around for hours for the purpose of finding a body . So this leads me to wondering how did they find this body if jay is claiming he and adnan dug up a grave for hae in leakin park. So then the man who claims to find the body said he was going for a pee and just randomly stumbled upon a body and according to the serial podcast it was covered up really well even the coroner couldn't see the body , which goes back to my current conclusion that that man went into leakin park searching for that body , this guy and Jay have to be related somehow but it's not through school so it's something more than that maybe through drugs or through a common person. This too me made this witness testimony good but in a sense made a conspiracy around the murder now . Even jay had many holes in his story which made me wonder what happened to jay what forced him to just randomly snitch . My suspicions were right as I learned jay received a plea deal for his cooperation in putting adnan in jail as the light is shone in the serial podcast we learn that jay was jealous of how close adnan and his girlfriend was at the time .
This cellphone and a cell tower near leakin park is the difference between adnan being a freee man and being injsil for 16 years , there was also a trial very similar to adnans as cellphone records were used to put adnan away. There was the coroners testimony that claims that haes body was laying down flat for over 8 hours before she was buried which throws jays testimony out the window. Then there's jays Best Buy story which is very unrealiable as he claims to drive around town to Best Buy and back to adnans high school in 15 minutes which is impossible as one test run was conducted. In the podcast why was jay so scared, and why would he tell a random guy he just started working with that he killed someone unless , jay wants to play the scared role and act as if he's never been in a situation like that before .also why would adnan make so many calls in that time period when he just killed hae . According to the Baltimore Sun But Brown contends that cellular carrier AT&T included a warning about the accuracy of cell tower data on a fax cover sheet to Baltimore police. "Outgoing calls only are reliable for location status. Any incoming calls will NOT be considered reliable information for location," the note read. This note would have made much of the cellphone records inadequate evidence. Also there was a girl who claims to have witnessed adnan at the library at the "time" of haes death,Baltimore Sun "After Syed's arrest, Asia McClain, a Woodlawn classmate, wrote two letters to him in jail in which she wondered how he could be a suspect in the murder when she had seen him in a public library near school on the day prosecutors believe Syed killed Lee" with these two pieces of evidence adnan was convicted (jay and his cellphone)

In conclusion the case of adnan syed is a difficult argument as there are many arguments and loopholes in the case in which bleads up to many theories coming from both the guilty and non guilty side as no one can ever prove who actually killed hae, and how Adnan a young Muslim kid is sentenced to jail placed as the scapegoat and how jay story was all over the place and what makes jay any more reliable than adnan as they both were responsible for her death (based on jays testimony ), The Uncertainty in Jay. Jay was a drug dealer , which means he was a person who survived for himself and himse lf only which leads me to believe that jay knew the real killer or killled hae and used adnan as the scapegoat of the murder.

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