Donald Trump and how he has been perceived Before, During and after the presidential campaign

Before The Presidential Campaign

Long before his successful presidential campaign, Donald Trump has been described as 'Americas most famous and colourful billionaire' after appearing in the media after 2 divorces to his model and actress wives, and his newest marriage to current wife, model, Melania Knauss. He has been described as being as much celebrity as businessman, starring in reality show 'The Apprentice' and has written several books. When it was first announced that he would be running for president, the majority in both the public and the media didn't take him seriously, in a poll recently after his announcement 74% didn't think of him as a real candidate.

During The Campaign

Trumps 'celebrity status' is thought to have had a massive influence over his campaign, due to his style of tweeting like a celebrity gathering far more interest and so gaining more supporters than his much more traditionally political rival Hilary Clinton, with over 3 million more followers on twitter. Hilary Clintons campaign aimed to highlight Trump as being morally and ethically unfit to be president, the Clinton campaign portrayed Donald Trump as a fraud for his shady business activities and as a racist for his views of Mexican immigrants and the endorsement he received by the Ku Klux Klan. They said he was a woman hater and a sexual aggressor for his remarks about groping women. And they called him a puppet of Putin for allegedly working with Russia to leak incriminating Clinton emails.

After The Campaign

Trump’s victory came as a shock, immediately shaping perceptions of the losers and winners. For Clinton supporters, concerns related to President-elect Trump’s unfit character turned to fear and a call to denounce the results, reject the new president and foster solidarity with those who felt disfranchised. The frustration of the democratic base was heightened by the fact that Clinton won the popular vote. 52 cities hosted protests against Trump, violence erupted in some protests, like the ones in Portland, Oregon, but most were relatively calm.


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