Gone in one night and one day down in the deep

The lost city of Atlantis the mystery island. It has never actually been discovered but scientist say it sank under water in one night and one day by either a hurricane,Volcano eruption Tornado,Etc.


Studies have showed Atlantis is probably not real.

Pluto says it's a “Powerful and advanced city that sank in a night and day into the ocean around 9,600 BC.”

Ancient greeks didn't know if they wanted to believe plato.

Plato says that atlantis is “an island larger than LIbya and asia minor put together”.

Found in comics,films,tv shows,songs,legos

Technology progressed we dove deeper

Plato believes that it is located atlantic just beyond the pillars of Hercules “ generally assumed to mean the strait of gibraltar.

Plato believed that the culture was very advanced.

Atlantis was brought up to us by the Greek philosopher Plato more than 2,000 years ago.

Atlantis has never actually been discovered most people think it’s just a myth.

It has been a mystery for thousands of years but now an U.S led research team believes it has been found.

Scientist claim to have pinpointed the exact location under mud flats in southern spain.

Many people believe it was created by plato to make theories about politics,others say it was a historical disaster.

People believe that resident who did not die built new cities.


People believe that resident who did not die built new cities.

“ Atlantis was protected by the god poseidon,who made his son Atlas king and namesake of the island and the ocean that surrounded it.

Never worked

Atlantis was a major sea power located in the Atlantic ocean.

theory -it was destroyed by a tsunami.

It was larger than Libya and Asia put together

Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake

Some myths say after a failed attempt to invade Athens,the entire island sank into the sea ‘in a single day and night of misfortune.

By around 9600 BC the island had been gone.

The city was as old as the last ice age.

After a fail to invade Athens the entire island sank into the sea.

Some people say that plato discovered the neighboring island Santorini which was destroyed by a volcano eruption around 1600 BC.

People believe that Atlantis myth was inspired by the black sea floods.

Possible locations Pacific,Atlantic,Indian and Arctic ocean Mainland in Europe, Mediterranean sea.

Sank by Volcanic eruptions,tsunamis,nuclear war

Belonged to Neptune married a girl from island named Cleito

Neptune & Cleito had 10 kids,gave each a part to rule

Hole island very rich

Zeus sent an earthquake because the atlanteans were trying to leave the island and go to the mediterranean sea.

Sunk in one day & one night

Atlanteans didn't work

Storytellers believed it

Athenians god's peace with each other

Warm temperature

Discovered lost city off the coast of Cuba and thought it might be the lost city of Atlantis. People believe it lies under mud lands in southern Spain.

Lies in mediterranean sea


The Lost City of Atlantis sank in one night and one day. It sunk by a volcano I believe this because Plato discovered the neighboring island Santorini which was destroyed by a volcano eruption around 1600 BC. This could of happened because there was a big volcano in the middle of the island.









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