Touching the bear with the spirit albino bear teaches a lot of lessons

Two major events in Cole's life that served as catalyst for Cole's transformation

Number 1

One event that really effected Cole was his parents continuous lack of love. When Cole was a kid he was never shown love so he learned to not show love either. Cole took his parents actions toward him and made them his own actions. When his parents lacked respect so did Cole. for example on page 63 the author says "the only solution was to hit Cole harder , and that hadn't helped either"(Ben Mikaelsen). This quotes shows how he was miss treated. But when his mom started caring for him he also started to care about others.

Number 2

The spirit bear attack was the next major event that changed his life. according to Edwin in touching spirit bear "people change in two different ways - with slow persistent pressure or with a single traumatic experience"(pg.152). The spirit bear attack acted as the single traumatic experience that pushed Cole of the bad track of life.

In conclusion in the book Touching Spirit Bear Cole Mathews had two events that changed his life. His parents lack of respect and the attack on the spirit bear. These two events changed his life and helped him become a better person.

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