Ten Technology Troubles Alex Cheney

Trouble #1 pop up ads

Don't click on pop up ads, just press ctrl+F4 to get rid of it.

Trouble #2 computer can't turn on

There are two reasons possibly why your computer can't turn on. One reason is that it is dead and not plugged in, if that is so, plug it in. Another reason is that there are some cables that need to be plugged in.

Trouble #3 "website could not be found"

Follow flowchart.

Trouble #4 Malware

Malware is made by another person to try to hack into your computer. So here is a site that can detect those (make sure automatic updates are on).

Trouble #5 viruses

To get rid of viruses you have to run an anti-virus software.

Trouble #6 Slow computer

Trouble #7 Printer won't print

Trouble #8 BSoD (Blue Screen of Death)

Trouble #9 Can't type anything into anything

Restart your computer.

Trouble #10 troubleshoot


Created with images by Mitah Val Karem - "Tech"

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