ATTAINMENT by John Tischer

I've attained the state of Supreme Goof.

Even death strikes me as funny.

Not fixating on anything,

everything becomes a joke awaiting

the punchline of impermanence.

Isis crisis,

after tea and cakes and ices?

You've got to be kidding.

New World Order?

So, that's what they call the chaos.

Internment camp?

Don't call it that...say it's dying with friends.

Hanging's not so bad...

you get used to it pretty quick.

Cerebral palsy?

One of them gets to be a poster child!

What? What's that you ask?


Well, you gotta call it something for marketing...

but, let me ask you this:

why is Buddha depicted so often laughing?

A very different message than Christ on the

cross....we know now where that one leads.

Buddha was a great comedian.

He said: "life is suffering", meaning

the joke's on us.

Created By
Carl Macki


poem by John Tischer johntischer@gmail.com

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