How French Was Created! By:Tyson benwell

French is a descendant of Vulgar Latin when Ancient Gaul (modern France) was conquered by the Romans in the 1st and 2nd century. Other languages that descended from Vulgar Latin is, Italian,Portugese, Spanish, Romanian, Catalan, and others. The first script wrote in french was the Oaths Of Strasbourg by the Pleiad.

French Landmarks

The biggest french landmarks are, the eiffel tower, le louvre, arc de triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

arc de triomphe

The arc de triomphe meaning arch of victory is there, because napolean ordered it to be made after the win in the battle of austerlitz. to show there victory.

Notre Dame Cathedral

the Notre Dame Cathedral is there to be a church, and its so famous because in the middle ages it was recognized for its size and antiquity.

le Louvre

le Louvre is there because it was built to be the largest museum in the world and holds alot of french history.

Interesting Facts

The paint on the Eiffel Tower weighs more than 10 elephants.

Le Louvre is the largest museum in the world.

The Arc De Triomphe costed 9.3 million french francs which was alot of money at the time.

The Notre Dame Cathedral took 182 years to build.


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