Michelangelo By: Manuel menchaca

As an artist, Michelangelo loved to draw people and was fascinated with the human body. The most memorable piece he ever made was the paintings on the Sistine Chapel.

Sistine Chapel

He was born on March 6, 1475. Because of his mothers illness, he had to go with a family of stone cutters. He started his art as an apprentice to a painter, then he studied in the sculpture gardens with the Medici family. .

One of Michelangelo's sculptures

He went for a year and then got an opportunity to upgrade to the Medici family to learn from them. His time there(1489-1492) let him experience the elites of Florence and learned humanist. He went back to Florence in 1495 and became a sculptor and got his inspiration from the classics before him.

Michaelangelo worked in many different forms of art. When he was thirteen and was working in the Ghirlandaio's studio, he learned how to fresco paint.. He believed in making figures with clear outlines and did not like soft focuses. One thing I noticed was that most of his paintings and sculptures had the human figures nude, and I believe this was because of how the human figure was seen as a piece of beauty in the time of the Renaissance.

Greek Mythology and the Catholic religion were being combined in the Renaissance.

These are some of Michelangelo's fresco paintings.

Michelangelo used different methods to get his required image than Da Vinci did, and did art differently. Michelangelo also did not want to be copied.

Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance lasted from the 14th to the 17th century. It was a rebirth of many things and brought many intellectuals and the thought of humanistic beliefs. Italy has many intellectuals and wealthy individuals at this time.

My inspiration for my painting came from the works he did in his Sistine Chapel. I also tried to follow hismorgnaic flow of curved lines an made sure to not use a ruler so I would get a better an dmore organic result. My painting is my own, but I used his techniques and tried to keep the colors to a warmer tone like them paintings Michelangelo did. I believe that if you put my painting next to his, you would be able to see the similarities.

Paintings by Michelangelo


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