Amazon Tropical Rain Forest By Ryan Balog

The Amazon Tropical Rain Forest are in real danger, you might be wondering why. Well, we are the biggest threat to this Rain Forest because we are deforesting all of it. They are scattered throughout each continent except for Europe and Antarctica. Artica doesn't have any tropical rainforests either. Specifically, they are located in South America, North America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

The climate of this Rain Forest is always wet and hot, all year round. The average daily temperature of Tropical Rain Forests is usually 80 degrees all year round. The rainforest temperature has never dropped below 64 degrees even in the evenings. The rainfall per year is 160-400 inches. Some rain forests are temperate rain forests which means that they are not as wet nor as hot as the tropical rain forests.

The primary vegetation in rainforests are usually broad-leaved trees and plants. These trees usually make up the top of the forest called the canopy. The vegetation under the trees is called the understory. 50 percent of all species of plants, animals and microorganisms live in the rainforests.

Not all rainforests have heavy rain all year round. Australia's rainforests are called "dry" rainforests because they have alot of rain but not constantly. These rain forests usually get 72-360 inches of rain per year.

The rainforests are the home of some of the oldest vegetation types on terrestrial Earth. Although the rainforests of 2016 are not the same as the ones in 50,000 BC. Evolution has changed most of the plants but you can still find the plant DNA from that time period in the plants now.

The times of the days do not change that much, as the equator shifts very little between seasons. The sun is almost a vertical position at noon which gives the rainforest alot of radiant energy for the plants and trees to flourish. This gives homes to alot of animals such as baboons, sugar gliders, lemurs, birds, birds of prey, snakes, lizards, frogs, reptiles and many cat species. Bats and monkey species live in the trees. Lots of bugs live here too. So take away these trees and there goes all of those species.

The rainforests are the place with the most diverse amount of flowering plants in the world. Although this beautiful place is great, there is a bad side of this story. Humans are destroying these rainforests as we speak, they use a method called slash and burn forest clearing. We are the biggest threat to the rainforests. It's not by natural causes that they are being destroyed but for cities such as Rio De Janiero and neighborhoods to be built on top of the once beautiful rainforest.

The paper and wood demand is so high this day in age we start to get rid of one of our earth's precious resources that are lost forever. What if the animals were advanced enough that they started to destroy our homes, our lives. How do think we would feel? So do something about this problem and make it so that we stop these logging companies from destroying some of the history from our planet.

In all, the rainforests will be gone in the next few decades if we don't stop the destruction of these iconic places. You are the ones that can make a difference, go to the company's and stop them from doing this. State your case and try to convince them to go else where. These rainforests can't protect themselves, so you do it, we can stop this, we can save these beautiful places with your help. So go online research the destruction of the rainforests and go to the website RainForest Maker and read the part about consequences and reason why that they keep destroying the rainforests. Just do the right thing and stop these companies from logging these forests.

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