Genetics And Mutations By: Megan Ruth

This is the my Photoshop Mutation, and I will be using it to give information on DNA and mutations.
What happened to the genetics in this Two Headed Manatee? The Genetic code had some nucleotides (the four chemicals that make up DNA) deleted from the gene which is called a deletion. This is what causes the manatee offspring to have two heads.
When the Chromosome was scanned for mutations the scanner missed the deletion mutation, so when the RNA was printed and the protein was created that protein gave the offspring its mutation.
How did the manatee get the two headed gene? If we take a look at this heredity of the manatee. Its great great grandmother got the two headed gene and although it was a recessive trait and not a dominant trait, it was passed on to the offspring because 50% of the genetics came from the father and 50 from the mother. Both of the parents had a recessive two headed gene. The mutation stuck giving the manatee that I mutated two heads.
So is this mutation good or bad? Well actually it really isn't good or bad besides the fact that one head would want to go one way and the other would want to go the other way. Although there is no telling on whether this animals offspring will get the trait it depends on what genetics the male or female has.


Created with images by Caroline Davis2010 - "DNA model" • mchelen - "1J6Z_amino_acids_jmol" • Julia (ジュリア) ~ ♣ - "[Angel&Devil @ Tijuana restaurant] Fan stuff #fmsphotoaday"

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