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One of the first things you'll do is set up a 'website' for your new business. This can be exciting but intimidating too, especially if building a site is something completely new. The 'in-house' Prosperity of Life templates are OK to get started but are very old fashioned. If you feel confident doing your own landing page and can afford the $50/m the Unbounce (Lead Vortex Pro) is the best option.

If you don't want to spend that each month you can build as many free ones as you like at sites like Wix and Weebly (among others) which will give you the same look and feel as Unbounce (Lead Vortex Pro).

If you want to build a formal website vs. a landing page (Lead Vortex Pro) we recommend The Home Business People in the States. They've done a lot of Prosperity of Life distributor pages and are very reasonably priced . They are quick and friendly and helpful. Only downside is websites are considered old hat and landing pages are much more 'now' and contemporary. We get much better response to our landing pages than the website.


This is definitely an art and something that you get a feel for over time. Use the scripts available through the company for ideas and look at other POL distributor'll bump into them on the web. Even though you'll get better at it over time, don't wait. Put stuff up. As they say, 'We get paid to do two things. Marketing and to grow ourselves'

Key points: Be authentic in your language. Don't make claims that are not true (i.e. about money you've made when you haven't). Always send your ad up to Compliance [via Support in the Business Manager] for approval. Get friendly with them; they turn around requests very quickly.

Shorter ads, with less text, seem to work better than long ones that detail EVERY aspect of the business. Think about what YOU would want to know about the business if you were looking, and include that sort of information.

If you are doing exclusively 'FREE' ads you'll need to put a lot out there. Six or seven here and there won't bring in enough leads. There are services that post your ad on thousands of classified websites for a small monthly fee. In general, they have not produced anything for us. Most of the classified sites they use seem to be fake or so small NO ONE visits them. Save your money.

Facebook is the place at the moment. This is the general buzz, even outside of Prosperity of Life. Like the leaders we recommend starting here.

We have had the greatest success so far from job boards.

Like in most things, the job board market is dominated by several major brands, Indeed, Seek, Monster, etc. Some of these often have anti-home business policies but with the exception of Indeed, which we avoid completely, there are ways to use guerrilla tactics to get your ads on. It's a game of cat and mouse sometimes. Make it fun. Know you'll get banged on the head and knocked off sometimes. Take a deep breath and find a way to get back on.

A lot of the big job boards are 'aggregators' in the sense that they suck up jobs from other sites and countries. So even though we have not advertised directly on Monster or Indeed, we hear from prospects that they found our ad on one of those sites. So that is another advantage of using international job boards: they often spread your ad to an even wider audience.

Buying leads through the Coops are an excellent option and always on offer throughout the year. Buying leads from non POL sources is not recommended. Lots of shysters out there.

The Guerrilla Marketing materials are rich. Watch them and learn from them again and again. You'll pick up something new and fresh every time.


Go slow. Develop one 'brand', i.e. one business name and logo to get you rolling. Be sure to create an email specifically for your business [as opposed to using a personal email]. As you get more savvy and learn more about different marketing platforms and methods you will probably develop multiple websites, company names, URLs and logos. We have several different logos and lots of emails. But we basically try to keep Sensational Lives as our MAIN brand and work out from there.

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are good places to get logos, websites and banner ads made for reasonable prices. You deal with freelancers who bid to do your job.


You MUST get into your 17 Day Prosperity Challenge right at the outset of your one on one trainings. This will support and open your mind to put you in the right mindset. The Masters of Destiny starts once your 17 Days has ended. In phase one especially, its vital to build the right mindset. We all have experienced the emotional roller coaster, the 'this sucks' , 'this will never work' and deep frustration of going through the learning curve. There is a LOT to learn and while you may not be able to report an income success as quickly as you'd like, you CAN definitely develop a Personal Growth story.

Dial in to the daily calls. They keep you connected to the wider community of people who are doing and going through the same as you. These calls are interactive and are lead by the leadership team alongside Shane and Rach, and are excellent. They give you pearls of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration. Some are about personal development and others are about the operational/skills-based expertise that we grow into as we learn the business. Stay encouraged and KNOW that the tide does turn, and that you and others are in the same boat. We often come away from these calls so much more tuned in to life and possibility. Always be teachable and coachable. And no, you don't know better!!!! The system works very well as it is. Keep it simple. Don't over analyse!


Skype seems to be the most economical way to call people internationally. Get a phone number in the countries you intend to market in for about $40 a year. Skype subscriptions are also a good way to go with unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in various countries.

Payment methods. In Australia we are very used to EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and it is second nature. North America seems to have no idea such a system exists. In addition to EFT there is Paypal but that requires an additional 3.6% fee. Credit card facilities through your local bank are available with varying degrees of complexity and cost. We have just got on to Square which is a reasonably priced, very easy to use app that allows you to accept payments via a Credit Card. Check it out!

Taxation is something you need to work out with your accountants or financial people in accordance with your own country's legislation.

Registration of your business is similar. Each country has different options.

Cloud storage options are cheap and plentiful. We use Box as a place to store all our documents.

Be familiar with your Business Manager and Lead Manager. Get to know all the various nooks and crannies. There is a wealth of resources and tools in there to support you in the business.


This is a global business and so don't feel you are confined to marketing only in your state, city or country. The world is truly our oyster. Have fun and market in UK, New Zealand, Canada and US.

Having said that, we have learned over the months that leads that come in from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East generally are NOT what we're looking for. In most cases they are unable to transfer funds in and out of their country in USD. But also they are NOT across personal development and generally are looking for jobs. We delete immediately.

Company policy is: China is off limits. Do not market there.


We ALL have felt it and still deal with it. Unless you're a natural born entrepreneur this is an intense transition to make. There is LOTS to learn about and lots to apply. But in our case we always stepped back when we felt overwhelmed and focused on Personal Development, meditation, nature, friends, family etc. to change our vibration.

One of the main reasons for overwhelm is coming to grips with a new identity. We are creating a new, unfamiliar story about ourselves. As our Fight or Flight response diminishes and a new neuro-pathway is created according to the new story we are creating about ourselves, we relax and fall more in love with the process, the business and our new selves.


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