36 Hours in Kona, Hawaii By Jordan gray

Go to a beach, Hawaii is an island which means that it is surrounded by water all the way around. So you can find a beach to go to. Go to Magic Sands it is a popular beach that you don't really hear any bad things about. It is just your typical picture perfect beach.
Let's dive right in! Real deep! How about we go to Coral Reef Snorkel Adventures! A view of a whole new world. Going to Kona and not going Snorkeling. You can swim with Manta Rays at night, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don't want to miss!
Let's take it down a notch, and relax at the Kailua Pier, where we can dine and watch the sunset and go shopping afterwards at the locals shops! Looking at the beauty of Hawaii.
After the night last night and you getting to go to the Pier and having dinner and shopping around a little bit, now we are going to have a good start to the day and watching the sunrise getting to see what the Hawaiians get to see every morning, Definitely would recommend going to a beach for this!
Down to your last hours in Hawaii, you're going to want to go to a volcano and explore the reason that the volcanoes are there and that Hawaii wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the volcanoes. So hike on up to it and take in the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.
The last thing that you want to do is go to a Restaurant and eat some Hawaiian foods and enjoy their culture. Eating some of their foods and getting to experience what they do is out of this world. While you are out for a couple more hours you are going to want to stop by the famous Kona Brewing Co. and experience that because that is another thing they are well known for.
I hope you have fun on your Adventure! Adventure on!


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