My ARTWORK BY: Joshua Ongoco

Welcome To my online art exhibit!!!

Here are some works of art that I have made throughout Digital Imaging's First semester



The beginning of merging photos....
During my first semester of Digital Imaging 2016, I was exposed to various tools integrated in Photoshop. Such features included were adding layer masks, free transform, and ability of altering the appearance in terms of color hue, texture, and various other effects...

Digital Color Book...A Stress Reliever...

In Photoshop, we used the magic wand tool to select specific and fill areas with color. It was a stress reliever to finally color in the way we would picture the image of a comic book cover.

Photo Restoration

These pictures emphasize the software's capabilities (with the healing brush, spot healing brush, and patch tool). The most difficult photo to restore was the football player in the bottom right hand corner, as there were many details missing by the creases.

Painting Without A Brush

Painting without a legitimate brush was an experience I will never forget. Photoshop allowed much easier and sophisticated paintings as you can use the art history brush tool and reference the your art to the picture as a template.

Put to the test...Surrealism

My Friend Tanner who is Free Falling...
Actual Photo of the Surrealism Project. Task: to be surreal. Challenge: To use all that I've learned in Photoshop. My Picture emphasizes the idea of escapism from many dreams that others want me to aspire to. Sometimes it may be a burden, but it is the greatest motivation to have.

One of the most important and influential projects done in this class was the visual artist presentation, where my classmates and I selected Ai Weiwei: an artist who conveys his opinions on a global and political scale. Here is the video and link to our artist and presentation: Enjoy!

Adobe Illustrator


Our first exposure to this software involved the most difficult challenge....THE PEN TOOL. So many curves, but time allowed me to to get used to the tool.
The most enjoyable project in illustrator: the VECTOR. I was able to explore the various designs that were used as the fill of each the letters.
Kellogg's and Kleenex: Both share the similar designs from Vonster Patterns. This project allowed our creativity come out into the fills and strokes.


Oshowatt: That chibi pokemon. Samurott was my goal but like, it looks too complicated and awesome to do.
Our first attempt to copy a character: composed of pen tool, width tool, live paint bucket, and other difficult tools.


Pika Picante ChuChoo

My most recent and complicated project in Illustrator. My most favorite part was the width tool, trying to figure out every little difference in Stroke

Stayed Tuned For More


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