Alexander The Great By: sheria randolph

Alexander the great was a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon, and a member of the Argead dynasty.

Born: july 356 B.C.

Died:323 B.C

His full name was Alexandra lll of macedon

one of his famous quotes are"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion"....

QUOTES..."There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

"I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well"

Who could not be intrigued by a man who inspired his soldiers to march for 12 years, beyond the known ends of the earth. They tramped some 22,000 miles; from Greece all the way to India and back to Babylon.....By the time the Macedonia king died at the age of thirty-two in 323 B.C. much of the known world lay beneath his feet.

"When i visited troy the start-point of my walk, i felt rather like many travilers first exploring the site, confused and a little dissapointed"

Today you can still find his legacy still resonating around three continents- eourpe, Asia, Africa.

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