Book Report -- Ivy+Bean Make the Rules Ellen hui S2A 26

  • Author: annie barrows
  • Publisher: SCHOLASTIC
  • ISBN: 978-0-545-60048-4
  • No. of Page: 126
  • Category of the book: Funny Story
Annie barrows

Main Character : Ivy

A quiet, intelligent child who loves reading books. She has fiery orange hair and is always wearing a pink, purple, or blue headband. Ivy can be described as a girly girl since she is always wearing skirts and dresses.

She is also my favourite character, as I have to learn from her hobby, read books .I'm the person that like Bean, so I want to become more quiet, since all of my friends say I'm too noise and annoying XD.

Main Character : Bean

A girl who is totally different from Ivy. She is very rebellious, rambunctious, and devious. Bean has blackish brown hair and hates wearing any kind of dresses or skirts being a tomboy.


Bean’s older sister gets to go to a summer camp called Girl Power 4-Ever, but Bean cannot join her because she is too young. As Bean decide to to enjoy her summer, she despite not having a camp to attend like her big sister Nancy, Bean sets out with Ivy’s help to start their own summer camp. It’s Camp Flaming Arrow, where Crafts include escaping, Dance includes thumbtacks, First Aid includes zombies .They set up camp at a local park and quickly find someone who want to join their camp.Ivy and Bean create a week to remember, one that follows their rules.

My Favourite Quote

"Girls are strong! Girls are great! Girls have the power to create! At GIRL POWER FOREVER!"

I think it is an encouraging words for all the girls in the world. Especially in Chinese, people might think that boy is better, he has more ability and responsible for many things ,but girl just need to stay in home and look after the child or do housework ,it is fair? We are strong too, we can do a lot of things, we have that power, so let's take a action now.


Ivy and Bean are two annoying 7-year-olds children who just want to have fun, like any kid. They are funny, creative and a little wacky, at times.They don't similar to us, by contrast our mind and creativity are limited, sometime we can think out of some amusing idea, but we don't have the courage to do it, because we think it is impossible.Author thought these two girls to prove that, if you have idea and do it, nothing is impossible.Friend is very important, they can help you and give you many useful suggests , just like Ivy and Bean, although their mettle is different, they are mutually beneficial. Nowadays,many of us are too busy and no time to relax ourselves,so Author made the story become funny,it made me laugh through the entire book.

Here is a video of this book

The End

Thank you :)

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