Commencement 2019 The College of Arts and Sciences

On Sunday, May 5, Ohio StateĀ awarded a record 12,213 degrees and certificates to the largest graduating class in school history. The College of Arts and Sciences graduated more students than any other college at Ohio State with 3,301.

Fareed Zakaria, host of cnn's "fareed Zakaria GPS" and columnist for the washington post, delivered the commencement address

To me, the magic of Ohio State is the size, the scale and the central role it has been able to play always in really being the escalator of social mobility in the United States. More than almost any other place I can think of, this university takes people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, and moves them up. And in this sense, Ohio State and places like it are the crucial ladders of opportunity that make the American dream work.
We all need to get out of our echo chambers and talk to each other and respect one another. We must all listen and empathize more, and listening means listening to those with whom you fundamentally disagree. We must judge and condemn less: online, in print and in person.

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