My Ideal Society By Bhavik kanparia

My ideal society consist of 7 characteristics of a civilization. They include language, food supply, religion, economics, government, technology, and culture. These 7 characteristics of a civilization can differ from other society. My society is going to be like a regular society but with more strict rules.

LANGUAGE - For language, they will ONLY communicate using the english and when using technological devices (computers, phones, billboards, etc..), they will type the words in ENGLISH. No other language are to be used in Bkarian.

Food supply - My society's food supply is outstanding. In Bkarian, our people only eat vegetables. They will get the vegetables from farming and buying from stores. If people in my society eat meat, they will face a consequence.

RELIGION - For religion, the people in Bkarian believe in a god named Bhavik. People will be forced to believe in me. They worship me every 2 times a day, it doesn't matter when. There is 1 holiday every month. It is on the 22nd of each month and they celebrate it by playing outside and no school or anything for rest of the day.

ECONOMICS - In Bkarian, economics is a large thing. For economics, my people will be working for me. The money will be earned by working. The jobs include farming, cashier, stories, entertainment, farming etc... They will have to work hard to earn money. The money will be distributed from the owners of the farm and owners of the stores...

GOVERNMENT - For government, The government system will be mostly communism. Bhavik will be dictator of Bkarian. If someone doesn’t follow directions or rules that he has made, they will be sent to jail and will get executed. People who don't believe in Bhavik will also be sent to jail for 1 year. There will also be people that help him make laws and such, they will be the first class people.

-First class will be the people and other governors who work for Bhavik that will keep the society safe and happy and they make laws and discuss about them.

Second class people will be people who are rich and worked hard for the money and who own land. They will be the one who pay the people who work at there farms the money.

Third class people are people who work for their money, who goes to jobs everyday and farm and try to get money.

Fourth class people will be people who have done bad things and are waiting to be executed (prisoners).

TECHNOLOGY - Computers (mac, windows computers), Laptops (macbook), Billboard, TV's, Cars, electric trains, hoverboards, cameras.

Culture - Fashion (regular clothing and fashionable clothing like nike.., sports (baseball, soccer, and cricket), hobbies (reading books, playing outside, watching TV, using phones, playing games), food (salad, pizza, soups, pot pie, roasted carrots,spiced celery root, etc..), music (remix, rap, country, and a new music genre i created called chill), art (my society doesn’t need art but people in my society like to doodle), literature (books, school, writing, essays, reading), customs (do not enter a house without being invited, greet someone who is new in the society, act responsible, act polite around everyone, don't get mad.), architecture (entertainments like six flag but renamed to five flag, amusement parks, theme parks), education system (There will be schools in my society, it will be for any age so even if they are 80, they will still learn education and it will be for free because i like to keep my people educated.)

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