Spirit Guides and Pele Calls january 18th, 2017 - from the seed within by yeshua lucis - into the mythica

After a massive storm passes through the center lands of the Americas, I journey through the realms from Indiana to Colorado. I stop at a rest stop as inspiration rushes through me. Reminded by an article by Peter Fae, I come to greater realization that we are One with the Land, and I remember back to my initation into understanding of this ancient fact...

I turn and witness the beauty of this lake, reminding me that all is a Reflection...

I continue the journey, driving towards Omaha for sanctuary for a night with Jim Beam, who I connected with through couch surfing shortly before I left.

I stop to take this photo, as I drive across a bridge over-arking yet another reflective lake. The beauty is astonding, another Realm Sign that all is a Reflection...

As I run towards the lake I drop my phone, cracking the top right of the screen, right on the spot where time appears. I realize that I am running behind on my arrival to Jims place. The realm signs are potent. I pick up the phone and accidentally press the screen, opening up an App called I AM AVATAR, that I came across and downloaded the week prior, without ever opening it...

As I continue on I listen to the podcast which speaks about how we are awakening to our deepest gifts, and that through unlocking codes in our DNA we can fully embody the Avatar state. The first code is of Coherence. Allowing everything to come into alignment, so that the clearest most coherent life experience can be lived.

I arrive to Omaha and go to Jim Beams late at night. He immediately graciously offers me a room.

In the morning, we speak of synchronicity and how we're all connected. He is a wise and sophisticated being of travel, music and the ancestors. He shows me a painting of his spirit guides, a beautiful portrayal made by a shaman he met in the 80s in California. The painting depicts a long road through the high desert with his father at the end, in plain portrayal.

The Shaman that drew this had never met Jim before, and knew nothing of him except what his Gifts showed him. Clearly dipicting his father at the end of the road, and other spirit guides that would accompany him through his journey for years to come...

From my vantage, this is a proof of interconnection and access to other realms where all knowledge is held. Through the intention of the shaman, he was able to access these signs that are intricately woven into Jim's experience. This is an ordinary act of Divination. We are all capable of accessing and divining our own paths through the archetypal realm, along with the capacity to reflect this for "others".

There is a native man on the painting, Eagles in the name, I resonate deeply with. I feel a presence behind me, and remember back to when Erin told me of her witnessing of a tall Guide's presence behind me, before I left for Indiana, at her and Aha's Sanctuary in Crestone, abundant with plant life and the Music of the Plants....

I continue the journey in the truck, happy with the manifestations coming to fruit. On my journey I stop at a rest stop and encounter a young man, reading a book I saw as I pulled up. I go in and glide by, "whatcha reading? " he replies, "a book from the dungeons and dragons mythology," he winces expectantly...I reply "ah I love the realms of myths and magic, " smile and go about my business.

As I go to the counter I see he is wearing a crystal pendant, I ask him about it, and tells me he recieved it after getting out of the military from a friend of his, emparted with the intention of healing. "Did he change your life? " I asked, "for the better" he replies.

There is a sincerity about him, a spark of awareness. From the depths of Awareness the realmsigns are pointing to him being at a precipice of awakening, and a full on rebirth. He will drop the shackles and pick up a new life.

Then I speak with him on the Hero's Journey, that are found in all the great stories, like the one he is reading, and that there is a thread that connects them all. Every hero receives a calling, and knows when it is time to embark on their quest. This is a sign, a series of Synchronicities, that leads them into mysterious and irresistible new path.

He mentions Hawaii. I run out the truck and bring in a picture of Pele, that I found in a picture book from a childhood visit to Hawaii, a few night before leaving Indiana....I too am having the call. I have been driving with a dashboard altar featuring Pele and wooden hand clasped with the pinky and thumb out inscribed with 'Hawaii'.

Pele is Calling

"Maybe I'll go there...my uncle grows medical marijuana out there," he shares. "Maybe I'll see you there" I reply and smile. He tells me of small island where everyone is friendly..

As I walk out I flash the Pele picture. "Pele's calling, time to answer to the heroes journey!"

It is always fortuitous, the beings we encounter along the path. They are always reflecting a deeper, more archaic meaning than what appears on the Surface. They are the Sacred Mirror embodied, a reflection of the Self, the greatest teachers, embodying the qualities that I need for my own growth and evolution in an Alchemy of Relationship...


The Quest Continues. Visit Into the Mythica to read more, or if you are already on my timeline close out to continue reading the Seed Within.

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Joshua Faust

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