Dreams & Hopes By jai vang

Universal Theme: Everyone has dreams and hopes but always had something in the way to fulfill it .

" Of Mice and Men"

" O.K. Someday we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs ....." ( page 14)

This qoute showed that George and Lennie had a dream and hope together . They wanted a ranch , animals, and a garden on their own to raise .

" George raised the gun and steadied it, and he brought the nuzzle of it close to the back of Lennie's head . The hand shook violently. He pulled the trigger"

This qoute from the story showed that George and Lennie had a dream together to own a ranch but now it's all over because George had to sacerfice Lennie because he was introuble.

" The Chrysanthemums "

" Elisa's voice grew husky . She broke it on him I've never lived as you do but I know what you mean "

This reveals that Elisa wants to do things as the man in the story. She wants to travel the world like him but she stays in one place and plants chrysanthemums all day.

" Elisa started at the sound of her husband voice. Elisa straighten her back and pulled on the gardening gloves "

This qoute appear that back then woman couldn't do what men do they had to respect their husband and their orders that why Elisa had to forget about her dreams .

" Tularecito "

" All his life he had been an alien, a lonely outcast, and now he's going home . The heart of Tularecito gushed with joy."

In the story Tularecito dream and hope was having a family . He wanted somewhere he felt like he belonged and where he was wanted

" he can not learn to dothe simple things of school. He is not crazy he is the one of those whom God has not quite finished........ after a short deliberation, he committed Tularecito to the asylum for the criminally insane at napa "

The qoutes showed that Turlarecito was disabled that he wasn't in control and had to be put in an asylum. This showed that Tularecito being disable was in the way of having a family .

The movie " CharlieSt.Cloud" is an example of all three stories. Charlie wanted to go to college but he had to keep a promise he made to his brother after his brothers death. This showed that Charlie had a dream but he couldn't fulfill it .

" How it relates to society "

All three story's relates to society especially parents. These days parents had to give up their dreams to care and work to have a roof over their children heads. Parents work so hard that they don't even remember what their dreams were so this shows that dreams are never fulfilled because there is always obstacles in the way .

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