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Voyage to the colony of Jamestown

  • The Jamestown Colony was the first permanent American colony.
  • Jamestown was founded on May 14, 1607 in whats now Virginia.
  • The expedition started on December 20, 1606 with about 100 men.
  • The ships taken on first trip were the Susan, Godspeed,Constant,and the Discovery
  • When settlers arrived at the colony the built Jamestown on a very swampy area that lead to disease.
  • The colony was named after King James 1
  • Most of these early men who came on expedition came looking for gold.
  • The first African Americans arrived in colony in 1619. (there was about Fifty all together.)
  • On the first ship to the colony there were four boys on the ships.

Leadership in the Colony

  • The first Chief or President of colony was Maria Wingfield.
  • Wingfield was impeached on September 10 and John Ratcliffe was gave Chief.
  • On July 30, 1619 Jamestown had the first representative meeting in American history.
  • The ¨Councilmen¨ of the colony were, Bartholomew Gosnold, Chris Newport, John Martin, John Ratcliffe,John Smith, and George Kendall.
  • Later in 1608, John Smith took the job as Chief and lead Jamestown to its best days as a colony.
  • Later after John Smith left colony, Lord De La Warr took job as Chief.
  • When Lord De La Warr got sick, ge gave Chief to Thomas Dale.

John Smith

  • John Smith became Chief in 1608
  • Smith was a salior and solider. His leadership help the colony thrive.
  • John Smith fought as Mercenary in Hungary and Netherlands before coming to Colony.
  • John Smith went to the local Indian tribe trying to make peace, but was captured but Pocohontas (the Indian Chiefs daughter) saved Smiths life.
  • Smiths famous quote was ¨If you do not work, you do not eat.¨
  • Smith was later injured by a gunpowder explosion and went back to England.

The Indians of Jamestown

  • Settlers had many problems with local Indians but also had peace with them.
  • These local Indians called themselves¨Powhatan¨.
  • The settlers traded for food and key supplies with the Indians.
  • The Powhatan and Settlers took to war in 1622.
  • Scientist believe that the Powhatan stoped trading with settlers so they would go back to England.


  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco to the colony.
  • Instead of making wealth of of gold the made it of tobacco.
  • Before Rolfe introduced tobacco, colonist made profit of glass making, wood production, and pitching tar.
  • Most tobacco smoked was grown in west indias.
  • By 1630 over half a Million pounds of tobacco were exported per year.

Starving Time

  • The starving time was the most dreadful winter the colony had seen.
  • During the Starving time settlers ate anything such as leather and even other dead settlers.
  • Close to 80-90 percent of the colony had died.
  • The colonist did not spend much time farming so they were not ready for winter.
  • Two men who raided many town shops looking for food were caught and starved to death on poles.

Death in Jamestown

  • Location was a factor in a lot of deaths.
  • The water was very unhealthy and unsanitary.
  • Only Thirty-Eight of the Hundred-five colonist survived the first years.
  • The colonist had to use double grave shafts during winter because they died to quickly and in mass quantity.
  • There were Two burial shafts,one om the inside and one on the outside.
  • After Smith left as Chief a lot of colonist died.
  • In the first years of the colony bodies were buried in graves inside fort so the indians did not know they wre losing so many people.


  • Pocahontas is famous for saving Jamestown colony leader John Smith from death.
  • She was only Ten years old we she saved Smith.
  • Pocahontas(the Powhatan Chiefs daughter) later married the man the brought tobacco to colony, John Rolfe.
  • After she married Rolfe she changed her name to Rebbeca Rolfe.
  • In April 1613 Pocahontas was captured by the colonist and converted to Christianity.
  • Pocahontas was considered on peace catalyst.

Fun Facts

  • Jamestown was founded Thirteen years before Plymouth was founded.
  • African Americans were used as slaves in the early colony years.
  • Jamestown later expanded to make a new town, this town considered capital of colony.
  • The settlers named the river they sailed on James River.
  • During the beginning of colony the settlers called it James Forte, James Towne, and James City.
  • On May 24, 1624 the Virginia Charter was revoked due to to many deaths and injuries.

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