My Enfance

My Evacuation Of London

- Why I was evacuated ?

I've been evacuated during the Blitz in London during the Second World War at the age of 8 years old.

- Where you were evacuated ?

I were evacuated in a small village of the United Kingdom.

- How did you go to this village ?

People are picked us up, I and my brothers and sisters, and they took to us over ther, in security.

- Present us your host family.

In this family, there is Mary, the mum, John, the dad, and her 2 children, Emily (11 yers old) and Matthew (9 yers old).

- What did you made over there ?

I made full of activities which I did not know, as to milk cows, to drive machines...

- Your impressions ?

It was a good experience, I did not want to go there at the beginning, but at the time of leaving, I would be kind enough to stay a few days.



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