Prophets by isabel casey


What is a prophet? A prophet is a person that is a inspired teacher or proclaimer of God. A prophet was called "Nabi" in Hebrew and in Arabic.

Who were the prophets? There were many prophets some of the main prophets were Isaiah, Moses, Daniel, David, Jonah, John the Baptist, Miriam, Joseph, Paul the Apostle, Elijah, Samuel, Joshua, Abraham, Jacob, Aaron, Noah.

What makes a prophet? It's someone who has always and always will be a follower of God How do you become a prophet? You become a prophet by doing the right things and the right actions

What do prophets do?

They speak in Gods words or teach in his name. Why are prophets important? Prophets are important because they show God that they love them and are believers

What do prophets do as prophets? They spread the word of God and act in the name of God.

Are there still prophets today? Yes all around the world, as long as they show the right actions.

Emerituis Professor Alan Mackey-sim

Professor Alan Mackey-sim

Alan Mackey-sim is a scientist that works on treating spinal injuries. He discovered that the nose contained cells called; Olfactory unsheathing cells. These cells every day die and then regrow. He thought that these cells could become some use in the future for some medical purposes. He thought that these cells could help repair the nervous system in some way.

They injected the nose nerve cells into the spine. This made spinal repair possible. This knowledge was passed all around the world to help people out of Australia.

They tried it on a polish man who was paralyzed from the waist down. They injected the nose nerves above and below the area where the injury was. After 3 year the man was able to walk with a frame. The nose nerves helped the spine to regrow. They acted like stepping stones that guided the spine to regrow.

This treatment can be used to help; Schizophrenia, Hereditary spastic paraplegia and Parkinson’s disease. His research is a major breakthrough. His work is describe as an equivalent of the moon landing. The nose nerve cells are easy to access and once purified them are able to be inserted back in to the human body, to fix spinal cord injuries. They are still working on helping repair lager areas. They are able to repair smaller injuries. Professor Alan Mackey-sim has giving hope by finding a way of people to be able to walk again.


Ezekiel describes as a prophet because of his encounter with God and four living creatures or Cherubim four wheels that stayed beside the creatures. He prophesied about the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple he talked about it for five years, which was met with some opposition. Ezekiel and Jeremiah (another prophet who was living in Jerusalem at that time) witnessed the fulfillment of their prophecies with the siege of Jerusalem Babylonians. In the "thirtieth year" Ezekiel, had his final vision.

Quote: 'I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.'

Both Proffessor Alan Mackey-sim and Ezekiel wanted to give hope to people less fortunate.


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