Ginnie's Journeys Wee Wanderers 2018

Ginnie went with Michael to tutoring today.
As an ostrich, she is quite advanced and was able to help Michael with segmenting and word counting.
She even helped him sound out his words, before burying her head in the sand.
Ginnie was safely buckled into her booster seat for the ride home with Michael’s dad. Adventure awaited, for as all knew...the Dentino House was like stepping into the board game Jumangi.
A good time was had by all, as we hung from light fixtures, made Michael’s siblings cry, and created a mess before dinner. But, I‎t was fun.
Dinner was a little awkward. As we looked at a world map and ate are our chicken curry, Ginnie revealed that the chicken we were eating was her distant cousin, on her mother’s side. We felt bad, but it was a delicious curry.
Luckily, Ginnie met Michael’s T-Rex (Rambo), and a love connection was made. But that’s a tale for another time.
Ginnie played with Michael and his siblings, read stories to the other toys, and helped tuck Michael in to bed. I‎t was a great day!!
Rayna was excited to have Ginnie to her house today. She really wanted to show Ginnie all the things that she likes to do outside. Although it did not quite feel like Spring, at least it was not raining (or snowing).
Ginnie told us that although she is a bird, she could not fly. So, Rayna first took Ginnie on a flight. These two wing walkers took off from West Virginia and flew over the Ohio River. Upon their return, they picked up Audra, Rayna’s sister, and flew into the clouds.
Rayna and Ginnie got their land legs back under them and went for a swing.
Ginnie enjoyed swinging in the breeze.
Ginnie told Rayna that although she could not fly, she was very fast! This gave Rayna the idea to show Ginnie her superhero dune buggy! Rayna, Ginnie and Audra went cruising around the neighborhood.
Rayna then introduced Ginnie to some fellow omnivores. Our “neigh”bors always enjoy it when we come to visit. Especially when we bring treats!
As the sun was getting low, Rayna and Ginnie wanted to get in a few more minutes of playtime. A trip down the slide and a climb on the dome capped off a fun time outdoors.
To warm themselves up, the girls enjoyed a bubble dance party!
Avery had a super busy afternoon with Ginnie. She gave Ginnie a tour of some of the best parts of our growing downtown! First, they went to Center Wheeling and saw the painted parking meters by local artists and loved them.
Then they went to storytime at the public library and got to look through their great selection of children's books.
For lunch Avery treated Ginnie to a famous Coleman's fish sandwich and they both ate a whole bunch!
To top off the day they went to visit the baby chicks at the farm supply store. Avery showed Ginnie how much fun it is to be a tourist in your own hometown and to support your local business community!
Layton started his adventure with Ginnie going to Grand Vue Park!
He showed her his sister Brylee at the park too!
Layton played outside in the sunshine with Ginnie, and Ginnie got to experience the narrow bridge with Layton’s help!
She got to climb...
...and swing as well!
Ginnie ran into some of Layton’s friends while at the park too!
After she got home with Layton, they relaxed with the movie Despicable Me 3.
They finished their busy day with one more trip outside to play with Layton’s cousin, Avalee. Ginnie had a sun fun day with Layton!
Daddy, Mimi, Harvey, and Gus all went to Pittsburgh to fix Mimi's iPhone and get Gussy a birthday present from the Disney store. Ginnie tagged along. While at the mall we met Maggie and her family and all had lunch. Here is a pic of Ginnie photo bombing with Maggie and Harv.
When we got home daddy fixed some take out from Whole Foods and Ginnie had dinner with us.
Gussy brought his new Mickey to dinner and Ginnie almost cleaned her plate.
After dinner Ginnie thought she could challenge Harvey in a game of Chess. It did not go well for Ginnie.
Now it's bath time. Harvey helped Ginnie take a sink bath and then after she was all fresh and clean...
she returned the favor! Just before bed Ginnie lead the boys in a pajama parade!
Here are a few pics of Ginnie coming home and going to the lumber store with us.
Ginnie enjoying dinner and a Oreo milkshake with Blaine!
Ginnie playing with Blaine in his toy room and getting ready to relax.
Ginnie up early waiting for sleepy head to wake up and Blaine and Ginnie ready to head back to school this morning!
Jadon was so excited to have Ginnie come home with him on this cold Tuesday! We got him all buckled up in the car and let him borrow Jadon’s blue sunglasses.
When we got home Jadon shared some snacks with Ginnie and showed her his African wildlife book so that she could see pictures of another ostrich.
Then challenged her to a few games of Candyland. Ginnie won the very first round and then she let Jadon beat her on the second round.
After relaxing for a bit Jadon wanted to bring Ginnie over to show her the new arcade. It was a fun afternoon of games and mini golf!
After dinner, Jadon brought Ginnie along to his Taekwondo class. Ginnie really enjoyed watching all the kids!
After reading books, they headed to bed with the promise of a special donut trip in the morning before school!
Gabriel was so excited to have Ginnie over! We visited a real life big construction site at Star lake industrial park but Ginnie stayed in the car! Then Ginnie played with Gabriel and Adelaide at church!
They tried to get her to make a muscle! After church grandma Christy read One World One Day with Ginnie Gabriel and Adelaide!
To end the night, Gabriel read History of Airplanes to Ginnie! He showed her his favorite airplane! She loved it!
Isaac was super excited to have Ginnie visit his house for the evening. They started their time together eating at Papa and Grandma’s house.
Once they made it home for the evening, Isaac got busy drawing his favorite: hockey players.
He even drew Ginnie as a hockey player!
Then, Ginnie became a REAL hockey player!
Ginnie was a great goalie! We are in full fledged Stanley Cup playoff time around here right now if you couldn’t tell. She also tried her wing in a little table tennis.
Ginnie got a little silly playing with the teddy bear’s scuba gear. She thought she could swim with the fish!
Finally, she was tucked in tight on the top bunk with Isaac for the night after our bedtime stories!! Ginnie was the greatest guest! She’s welcome back anytime!
Ginnie started her day with a big bowl oatmeal, one of Gwyneth’s favorite breakfasts!
Gwyneth and Ginnie then had a tea party with friends Elsa and Anna. She just loved the sugar cookies!
Ginnie showed off her competitive side when she and Gwyneth played Candy Land.
Ginnie and Gwyneth both won a game!
Ginnie had a play date with friends!
Gwyneth read One World, One Day, to Ginnie, she was such a good listener!
After a long day of fun, Ginnie snuggled with Gwyneth and her sister Adelynn. Goodnight!
Ginny arrives home with Josh. Josh is the most welcoming kid to anyone that enters his house. He loves having visitors and is so excited to play with Ginny and his friends this weekend.
After playing legos with Ginny, josh and Ginny take a little break and watch Friday afternoon cartoons.
Josh and Ginny are hanging out with Josh's big sister Addie at Wilson Lodge at Oglebay.
They were rocking in rocking chairs in front of Wilson Lodge waiting to have dinner inside the lodge.
Josh and Ginny were busy at dinner coloring and deciding what to have for dinner.
Ginny loved the chicken tenders and french fries that josh had for dinner.
Josh and Ginny were having a blast running around Oglebay.
All the new flowers were just planted outside the indoor pool at Wilson Lodge. Ginny loved the pool area too.
After school Ginnie took a little rest with Lexi and Lani.
After Lexi went to bed for the day, Ginnie helped Lexi’s mommy pack her snack for the next day.
Ginnie took a little time to try out the drums.
In the morning, Ginnie and Lexi had Cheerios for breakfast.
While eating breakfast, Lexi and Ginnie checked out the book “one world, one day”. It was great!
Ginnie joined Lexi in brushing her teeth.
Ginnie and Lexi played on the tunnel slide together.
Lexi showed Ginnie the spring trees blooming in the yard.
Emma was so thrilled that Ginnie got to come home with her today, as were we.
We started our adventure off with an appointment Emma had. Ginnie was very patient while Emma was there.
Then we return to school for Emmas tutoring, Emma made sure Ginnie stayed dry since it was raining. Ginnie was a big help during tutoring.
On the way home from tutoring Ginnie and Emma watched Aladdin on the iPad as a reward for working so hard.
After we arrived home we had dinner, Ginnie loves spaghetti and meatballs.
Once dinner was over Emma and Ginnie helped make chocolate chip cookies.
After Emmas bath she read “One World, One Day” to Ginnie and some of her other animals. Emma said that is Ginnie’s favorite book.
Then Emma and Ginnie went off to bed. Ginnie is welcome at the Cooper house anytime. We loved having her.
We are so excited to have Ginny come and stay with us tonight!
Ginny came along with us to get a flower girl dress altered for a wedding she is in in a few weeks. Ginny loved seeing Addison in her dress!
After that it was nap time in the car going to pick up big brother from school!
Then we took Ginny out to dinner at Olive Garden! Ginny loves the breadsticks and salad. She did not want to try any chicken ;)
Then we took a far away trip to Pittsburgh for big brothers eye appointment!
Uh oh- baby sister stole Ginny and ran away! Don’t worry- mom caught her and got Ginny back! After a long day we finally got home and into bed!
What a special day! Korinne turned 5 and got to bring Ginnie on a birthday journey! Korinne didn’t want a party or presents, instead she asked to celebrate her birthday at the Hampton Inn and Ginnie came along for the celebration!
Korinne’s friend Heidi joined us for swimming.
We celebrated with swimming, Chinese food, cake, and swimming in the bathtub!
Korinne got a Wellie Wisher doll for her birthday and the doll joined Korinne, Kaelyn, and Ginnie for birthday dining!
After a long evening of celebrating, everyone is worn out! Happy Birthday Korinne! Thanks Ginnie for journeying with us!
Marley was very excited to bring Ginnie home with us this weekend. She read Ginnie the story on the car ride home from school.
Marley showed Ginnie around the house and the parts that she loved the most where the other live creatures in the house, like the fish and.....
my dog Reese
After we got back from playing in the gym we played outside and made play dough food. I think Ginnie wanted to eat it more than she wanted to make stuff.
The next morning mommy made breakfast for us. I wanted to have her try some eggs with me. They were so delicious! Then we cuddled and watched a movie “Leap” together.
We then got ready and went to celebrate my cousins 1st Birthday at the park. We had so much fun and the cake was so good! I think my cousin got pretty tired with all the partying and had a sad face for our picture though. But I know she loved her presents.
While at the park Ginnie and I had fun on the swings. It was a little windy and we almost blew away.
Ginnie wanted to swing by herself and the balloons. I thought she looked like she could be in the movie “Up” and float away back to Africa.
I got to have a lot of fun and show Ginnie so many things that I do, but it was time to go to bed. We got cuddled up and a had a great night sleep.
We planned to pick up Ginnie in Wheeling, so Grace drew a map for Ginnie so she would know the way to get to church.
We attended mass at St. Joseph's Cathdral and then went straight to the bakery for donuts and cupcakes.
There, we met up with our friend Marley! Ginnie got to pick out a sweet treat and enjoy it with Grace, Oliver (Grace's little brother), and Marley.
Ginnie picked the chocolate chip/candy cookie and loved it!
After playing with Grace, Oliver, and Marley at the bakery Ginnie came home with us and had a wonderful afternoon starting with afternoon cuddles.
Then she and Grace had a lovely tea party. Ginnie noted that she prefers the tea in Africa...
While chatting over tea, Grace realized that Ginnie could really use a make over.
So she gave Ginnie a good brushing and a pretty bow.
Since it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, Grace and Oliver thought it would be a good idea to show Ginnie one of their favorite movies- Toy Story 2.
After the movie, we all ate dinner and then got ready for bed. Grace helped Ginnie brush her teeth and then read One World, One Day in bed together.
We had a wonderful day with Ginnie and hope she will come to visit again soon!
Max was excited to have Ginnie at his house. He couldn’t wait to take her into his backyard to play.
Max and Ginnie had a contest to see who could jump the highest on the trampoline.
They had fun going down the slide.
Max and Ginnie got creative while building legos.
Max’s sister, Maddie, was excited to meet Ginnie. There were lots of laughs while playing Twister.
Ginnie loved Max’s toys.
Max, Maddie and Ginnie shared a snack.
Max and Ginnie reading a book in his bunk bed.
After a long evening of playing, Max and Ginnie headed to bed. Ginnie was a wonderful guest. She is welcome to visit again
When Casey got home from school he went straight outside to play in the BEAUTIFUL weather with Ginny & his little brother Beau!
Ginny learned how to ride Casey’s bike & wore a helmet—safety first!
Dress up time! Casey was a ninja turtle & Ginnie was Rubble from Paw Patrol!
Back outside now, we were SO happy that Ginnie could come on such a beautiful day!
While the boys threw rocks in the creek, Ginnie sat on the side so she wouldn’t get all wet.
After dinner some of Casey’s family came over & everyone went for a bike ride- including Ginnie!
After everyone got all the dirt cleaned off of them, Casey wrapped Ginnie up in the first baby blanket Casey ever had.
He then read her One World, One Day & then they snuggled up for bed! Thanks for a fun adventure, Ginnie :)
Ginnie had a fun filled day at the Mistovich household!! Beckham and Ginnie had fun on the playground with Beckham’s sister Everly. They swung together super high, but ginnie’s favorite was the slide.
They rested together for awhile and watched some tv.
They shared some raspberries, Beckham’s favorite snack, and then played some basketball with beckham for the win!!! Score!
They had a blast playing Beckham’s favorite video game Minecraft.
Beckham and Ginnie played fetch with Rosie. Ginnie just adores Rosie. They became the best of friends!!
They became the best of friends!! After a long, fun filled day, they snuggled together on the couch ready for bed.
Helannea and Ginnie playing at her sisters while I am at work.
Both girls watching Helannea's tablet on the way home.
Ginnie loved the ice cream.while Helannea enjoyed sharing with Ginnie!
Dancing like ballerinas.
Helannea said Ginnie wanted to play dress up so she made her pretty!
Getting ready for bed.
Getting ready for bed.
Oliver was excited to have Ginny on a warm weather weekend. After school, Oliver took Ginny out to play in the yard. Oliver showed Ginny how to fly/climb a tree for a better view.
Oliver felt it necessary to teach Ginny a little history about the native Americans. What could be a better than building a teepee..!
Oliver, his friend Jadon, and Ginny built a teepee to get a feel for how the native Americans once lived. Next time, we'll build a bigger teepee so we can all fit inside.
Next, it was time to get cooled off from the hot day! Oliver and Ginny shared a "bombpop". Ginny loved it...she flapped her wings 5 times!
Off to the sprinkler.. Oliver wanted Ginny to get her body cooled off but not get wet so he made Ginny a special raincoat bag! Ginny was so happy to get cooled off and not get wet!
Long day...time to get ready for bed. It can't hurt to do a little hair brushing for tomorrow.
Oliver discovered that Ginny is from the same Jellycat World as his beloved "bunny". Yeah..Oliver, Ginny and Bunny prepare for a slumber party!
Oliver and Ginnie were getting ready for soccer!
Ginnie was worried about being along for the game, so Oliver gave her some extra love and hugs in preparation for game time.
Oliver spent some time teaching Ginnie to balance on the soccer ball- her first soccer skill!
Soccer made us exhausted so we took a little nap with Ginnie after soccer. We felt so much better after the nap!
Ginnie posing with Oliver’s LEGO Batman poster! Oliver took this photo all by himself!
We loved having Ginnie as part of our family!
Oliver even showed her how to play Mario on the Nintendo! She was really good at it!
One day, Ginnie the ostrich was playing with bubbles.
Then, she was riding on her horse.
Then she rode away into the land of evil unicorns that swim in pools.
Then she came across the most evil unicorn and her daughter.
The daughter helped Ginnie defeat the most evil unicorn and they became heroes.

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