ENEX Siding is not just an exterior finishing business, but a platform used to make a positive impact in our community. For community to thrive, it must be filled with people willing to give of themselves. We see 5 key ways to commit to being what the community needs to be able to give back these exact things to those that need it.

Serving those around you doesn't have to be daunting. Your next door neighbour had surgery, mow their lawn when you've got your mower out anyway.

Sit and have a coffee with a friend who's feeling overwhelmed. Bring pizza to the coaches who volunteer for your kid's soccer team. Have a neighbour over for taco night

Connection TOTALLY happens over sharing food!!

Our words matter! Let's use them to build up the folks in our community! Say thanks to the volunteers, tell a fellow parent that they are doing a great job, smile & greet the teenager pumping your gas by name!

Bring a positive attitude into the community! Set the tone by being the change that you want to see.

And all these things boil down to simply loving those around us, showing them that they have value. We are only as strong as our weakest members so let's strengthen them with our words and actions. With that building up, they will have love to pour into someone else that needs it.

We want ENEX Siding to be about intentional community, finding ways to live out these 5 keys right here among our friends and neighbours. We encourage you to grab onto at least one of these, live it out and see how it changes your world!

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