Our previous site-plan focused on three strategies.

1. We will develop and implement plans to academically challenge all students.

  • Nine of thirteen homeroom teachers have math data and/or instruction as a professional growth goal.
  • Our teachers collaboratively designed a daily master schedule for reading and math.
  • We utilized a variety of staff members (interventionists, para-professionals, secretary) and volunteers (parents, grandparents, high school seniors) to support students needing extra help or practice with reading, math and spelling.
  • We implemented guided math.
  • We deliver small-group instruction so teachers can focus student instruction on targeted skills in reading and math.
  • We designed stations so students would be able to practice skills independently.
These kiddos are playing "memory" and attempting to match upper and lowercase letters.
He's got it! B and b go together!
This kindergarten student is counting "bunny money" with a friend.
  • Grade-levels host one math day each year to help teach parents and family members different ways to practice math using technology and a variety of games. Some grade-levels have math day in combination with other subjects into the activities (like language arts, science and social studies).
Morton students and their families are engaged in math activities!
  • Our trend data shows growth for Morton students from year to year and across each grade level in reading.
  • Our trend data shows 21-35% of our students exceed the cutscore on NeSA-M.
  • Our trend data shows 25-55% of our students exceed the cutscore on NeSA-R.
  • Morton students love to read!
It's "snack" time on the first day of school and this 3rd grader is reading!

2. We will develop and implement plans to improve writing by Morton students.

  • Eight of ten homeroom teachers had writing as a professional growth goal.
  • We implemented writer’s workshop (kindergarten-5th grade).
  • We have used a variety of planning/brainstorming tools to meet our students' needs.
  • We have utilized a variety of scoring rubrics (building, district and state).
  • We have modified classroom schedules and expectations so students are completing daily writing activities--this improves writing stamina!
Students enjoy writing in their "offices."
Editing is an important part of the writing process!
  • Grade-levels utilize common formative assessments; the data from these assessments is used to help focus reteaching and small-group instruction.
  • Students are practicing writing with different genres.
  • We have more students moving into the “beyond” sub-proficiency on the district writing assessment than the district.
  • Teachers have designed authentic writing opportunities for students.
A thank you note is an example of an authentic writing experience. This is a good one!
Our summer writing project is an example of a school-wide writing opportunity.

3. We will develop and implement plans to maximize resources to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities.

  • Some of the opportunities we provide our students are part of the fiber that is Morton...like orchestra for 4th and 5th graders. Our orchestra performs throughout the community (Vala's Pumpkin Patch, Werner Park) and has two performances at school.
It's cool to be in orchestra!
Each student at Morton has a "book buddy" - what a great way to build friendships throughout the building!
  • We have added 12 new opportunities for our students (k-5)! Some of our favorites are cooking club, nature club and walking club.
Our students and staff really enjoy College & Career Day too!
The Science Fair is popular and so fun for our students!
  • We are grateful for the partnership we have with our PTA. They fund many of our clubs and groups and they also host family nights each month for our community.


because it is all for our kids...of course!
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