Teddy Roosevelt By: Bailey, Anthony, Audrey

Teddy grew up with asthma, his dad thinks he can beat asthma. So his d ad makes him workout everyday, because of that he had to be homeschooled. When he got older he went to Harvard but didn't like it. Then went to Columbia for law school but didn't want to be a lawyer.

Teddy's mother and wife died two days after his wife gave birth. After that happened he had to get away so he moved to the Dakotas. He learned to rope and ranch.

He became the assistant Secretary of the Navy. After that he became the Vice President. He won a Medal of Honor.

He became the President of the US. Also he made the Square Deal, which was conservation, consumer protection and corporate trusting.

After his two terms he went to a safari and discovered animals. He also made up his own party called Bull Moose. He got shot in the middle of his speech but continued through it all.

Teddy Roosevelt died in his sleep. His son had an opening quote in the paper about him. He was put on Mount Rushmore, and will never be forgotten.


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