Begin Again and Remember... December 27, 2016

The Mythica is a journey of remembrance. Of retracing our footsteps in the stars, of divining the sacred path that has been paved before us.

She echoes destiny...sweet destiny

It is the holidays, the darkest days of the year, yet ripe with joy and gift giving. My mother invited me to come to visit, and with awareness of the cancer sickness of my grandmother, I oblige. Having prayed to creator I received guidance to see if I can offer any remedy.

Traveling from Crestone and the realm of the Dream Weaver Sactuary I am ripe with the transformational energies of the deva of the valley and dragon mountains.

I visited with Evolutionary Lindsay in Denver on the way, creator of Sphere Foundation, an up and coming Sustainable Transition Fascilitation Organization...

I am here now at my parents home in the current incarnation of the sacred Land called Indiana, in a small town that I grew up in...on a deeper octave of awareness I am in the realms of communion, abundance, realization and reconnection with the past.

Childhood room, Realms of Remembrance

I am able to author this due to the sweet, caring, generosity of my Mother, who gifted me the new mirrorfine, iPad Air. It is an affirmation that I am Supported in this quest, along with a realmsign that the techniques of manifestation I have been practicing are bearing fruit... Understand that to document the magical unfoldment of my sacred journey, share it with the people, and frame it in the context of the Great Story requires the proper tools for the task.

Mirrorfine acquired

I am grateful, reminding me that god is good, and I am in the right place at the right time.

And so I sit here , chatting with Peter Fae.

It is a great honor to divine the tapestry that is the Great Story with Peter Fae. He is an avatar of the Fae and the Bright, an angel sent from the formless to remind us of our birth right of abundance and grace. He is a timeless being.

Embodiment by Peter Fae

And so I am triggered into realization by our conversation.

Clearing within clears the Sacred Land, the Aina

It is the tongue of god spread across mirrorfine, whispering sweet tales along the Rainbow Road, and the intricate threads of connection that weave this pschoshamanic journey together in a wholistic tapestry. It is our Grand Unfoldment.

Such is the magic and mystery of navigating the landscape, the Realms, within and without. As we clear the the lens we begin to see what's really there. There never is lack, only improper orientation and habitual patterns playing out in the collective dreamfield. We are all connected, and as we clear using the techniques in accordance with the physics of the quest we gravitate towards Heaven in Earth.

I consistently remind myself of this as I witness the distorted patterns reflected from the collective through my family. And I forgive. I forgive and accept. This eases the pain. Directly.

All the realms we pass through are part of the atlas... segments on the journey as we pass through the hall of mirrors which is our Self.

"In which we realize the Truth, that we are mythology, manifest. The living deities of our own forgotten lore, embodying the vibration of our service" - Peter Fae, from the episode Tribes of Art in the Journey Home.

A cool wave of reminescent illumination descends upon me, I sense a subtle shift in the realms...I remember.

I Am here in the realms where I was ordained. Mere feet from the washroom where I was anointed with wisdom by angels and illuminated with nectarous light. I was offered a choice: merge with the light and become one with the All in infinite realms of Light, or stay in Service.

I chose the boddhisatva way, to stay in these Realms and share the Word with the people in service. To remind them we are all the Christ, all the gods and goddesses. That day I saw them all in the mirror , as reflections of my self, which is the Self, the One...now I know again it is destined.

It is affirmed, as I come full circle.

The Quest Continues. Visit into the Mythica, or if you are on my site, close this to continue reading my timeline.

Created By
Joshua Faust

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