Pax By: Sara pennypacker

Theme Analysis

By: Gianna Galli

"Kindness and the ability to care can help others get through survival."


When Peter starts his journey to find Pax and it leaving Vola, Vola calls out to him on page 227 and says, "I'm going to leave the porch door open." This shows that Vola will always be open to helping Peter. This is the author trying to show how Vola has learned to care for Peter and how it's important to have kindness towards others.


When Pax first meets Gray, Gray is nothing, but kind to him. Gray cares for Pax and helps him survive. In the text it states, that Gray says, "You need water, follow me." on page 61. This shows that Gray is trying to help Pax survive by showing him where water is because he can tell that Pax is dehydrated and needs help.


Bristle shows kindness towards Pax because when Pax came into the woods for the first time since he was a kit, he didn't know how to hunt and survive in the woods. When Pax found Bristle she reluctantly warmed up to him and taught him how to hunt. This showed kindness because if Bristle didn't decide to help Pax he probably would have not made it because he would have no food.

This is a fox hunting for mice, this relates to how Bristle taught Pax how to hunt.

The bat is a symbol that Vola gave Peter that helped him throughout his journey. Without Vola's kindness Peter wouldn't have had the bat to help him.

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