Genetik Sessions is a creative programme developed by The Message Trust. Originally developed in the U.K (Manchester), Genetik Sessions is created for young people between the ages of 10 and 18 and has been a success for over 10 years. Whether you are exploring for the first time or are a seasoned performer, Genetik Sessions is a place for you have fun whiles advancing creatively.


A performing arts programme that gives young people the opportunity to express creatively and develop potential.

our AIM

Though Genetik may be seen as ‘another performing art program’ our aim goes beyond that to offer young people guidance in life skills as well. For example our sessions always starts with our tutors presenting a planned 5-10 motivational talk on a choice subject. Each talk is delivered with the intent to create a thinking process that would allow our young people to think for themselves and to make a better choice in their daily lives. As well motivating them with short term or even immediate thinking i.e what do you do in a ‘now situation’ we also aim to encourage thinking out of the ‘now’ to ‘what do you aim for the future?’. We recognize that some of them will eventually make a choice to established there future in streams different to the creative art scene but research shows that there are a number of reasons why a creative outlet results in a better chance of success.

  • To create creative Hubs across cape town delivering lessons in schools and communities.
  • To reach young people in under privileged areas
  • To bring a sense of belonging
  • To present a stream that would enable young people see potential
  • To sustain Growth in all areas
  1. You’re refreshed and more productive
  2. You’re happier and more engaged
  3. You come up with new ways to do things
  4. You discover and develop your unique talents
  5. You overcome setbacks and obstacles
  6. You see the world through fresh eyes
  7. You recognize and seize opportunities
  8. You see the bigger picture
  9. You become a solid team player
  10. You learn to think on your feet
  11. You keep your mind sharp
  12. You are more vital, healthier, and live longer
  13. You discover catalyzing career clues




We offer a variety of sessions so our cost is depending on the Time frame and what type(s) of session(s) requested. We do not want payment to be an issue so please contact us to discuss available options.

Our teachers were trained by professional international music artists, dancers and performers. Collectively they have over 20years of on the ground work experience in schools, prisons, community work and music venue, such as the Apollo U.K (Manchester), O2 Academy (across the uk), Phones 4U Arena (MEN Arena formally known)
Programme Leader/Vocals and Performance:- Christina Otoo-Anakwa

Christina has been in the performing art scene for over 20 years, training and teaching Performance Styles, Vocals and Dance. After 9 year of touring with her then band Twelve24, Christina decided it was time to finish, move to Cape Town and follow her heart to invest, inspire and develop young people to live out their purpose.

Break Dance:- Gilead Benjiman Engelbrecht

Gilead was born in Cape Town, and he's been dancing for 8 years. He describes himself as a vibrant person who smiles and loves putting smiles on other people's faces. He enjoy teaching kids and has worked as a dance instructor in schools as well as featuring in stage productions.

Vocals:- Meryl Carla Bendie

Meryl was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She likes dogs, ice cream and anything that sparkles. She grew up amongst a family of teachers and has been working with young people since the age of 18. She believes all young people deserve to be told that they are made unique and are on this earth for a reason.

Rap and Spoken Word:- Jabulani Majola

Jabulani was born and raised in Kwa Zulu Natal and comes from a family of 28 brothers and sisters! He has been rapping since the age of 12, and has always been into poetry and spoken word. His christian faith inspires him to use his talent to impact young people all over the world.

HipHop and Street dance:- Lyle Jonas

Lyle Jonas is from Mitchell's Plain Cape Town and is currently completing his B Ed degree. Lyle has been a hip-hop dancer for many years and has represented South Africa in competitions nationally and internationally for a number of years. He has a passion to uplift young people through his Christian faith and Dance.

Assistant Program Leader/Creative: - Alexis Weaver

Salt River Hub Facilitator - Kennedy Mulenga

Salt River Hub Facilitator - Sara Mulenga

Performances and work done

Please find below Videos/Performances by the Teachers.


Email us:- genetikssa@message.org.za

Tel: - 0612100400

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