South to Norv By: Thalia Gordon and Jeremiah Williams

Palmer Hayden was an American-American painter who represented African-American life, landscapes, seascapes, and African influences. He sketched, painted in both oils and watercolors, and was a prolific artist of his era.Palmer Hayden, Harlem Renaissance artist and beyond. He was an painter whose work became known during the Harlem Renaissance. Born Peyton Cole Hedgeman in Widewater, Virginia on January 15 1890...
Palmer Hayden Midsummer night 1936 painting- I noticed that everyone is smiling and it’s seems to be a wealthy place since there is a car I think Palmer is trying to show that there is a lot of happy people in the north This picture shows that life is good and people are enjoying themselves. This is different than other art styles because Palmer saw art in a different way

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