Sarah McDaniel Studio Welcome Guide

I am so excited that you are taking the next step in your Self Love Journey! I put together this Welcome Guide to allow you to go over some information to help prepare yourself for your session! I get it, trust me, Boudoir can be intimidating. But I promise you, you will love every second of your session! So take your time, read over this information, and let us know if you have any questions!

Our Artist Statement

At Sarah McDaniel Studio we have a different outlook on Photography. We document the Human Form showcasing the mental and physical strength that we have within us. We invite all walks of life into our studio regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, or background. Having a session with us is more than just having your photos taken, it is allowing yourself to have a restart on how you see yourself. So thank you for trusting us in documenting your new chapter in your life. I can not wait to meet you!

Tell Us Your Story

First Off, What inspired you to want to do a Boudoir Session? I love getting to know all of my clients and their empowering story. Regardless of your decision, just know that you are welcomed in our studio. Considering surprising your significant other with an Album? Wanting to celebrate an accomplishment? We got you. 99% of our Clients have never done a session like this before. So, we understand how this can make you nervous. Just realize that at Sarah McDaniel Studio is her to document your empowering journey. Your story and inspiration behind doing a Boudoir Session is important, and we are glad you are here.

What Is Included?

Each Client gets their own Hair & Makeup Artist, Private One on One Session, Posing Coach, Client's Closet full of Lingerie, Personalized Meet & Greet, Gift Bag with Skin Care Products designed for your Body & Skin Type, 15 Unique Photo Sets to choose from, and their own 3-4 Hour Session. Maternity Sessions include the Milk Bath Set, and flowers are provided by Sarah McDaniel Studio.

What Type of Experiences Do We Offer?

Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions are one of our favorite sessions to document. Each Maternity Session is uniquely customized for each Client. From the Hair & Makeup to the flowers for the Milk Bath Tub, we take every detail into consideration. Each Client is given the chance to have their dream session to document their beautiful transformation. Within the Maternity Sessions the Client has the choice to do Solo Boudoir, Couples Boudoir, and Milk Bath Photos all within their Maternity Session.

Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir Sessions with us focuses on the Mental Health of the Client. We allow the client to showcase their strength in an artistic and elegant way. Each Session allows the client to choose their own themes, lingerie styles, sets, hair & makeup design, and mood. We go over everything at the Meet & Greet before their Session to ensure that their vision is brought to life.

We offer clients the option for Shibari add on, BDSM add on, Erotic Boudoir add on, Milk Bath add on, and the option for Outdoor Boudoir.

Couples Boudoir & Couples Maternity

Considering bringing in your special person? Thinking about documenting your intimate moments in the studio? Couple's Boudoir and Couple's Maternity is something special we offer for our clients. Each session allows for the clients to document the side that reminds them of why they fell in love. Want to bring in the hobby or activity you do together? Do it! We have clients bring in their guitars, motorcycles, toys, floggers, and even their music. Allow us to document a once in a life time moment to share for years to come.

What Should I Wear?

Your can wear whatever you want honestly. Wear what is comfortable, or take a step outside of your comfort zone. For both Maternity & Boudoir we offer different styles of Lingerie for each client to consider. We have around 100-175 different styles, sizes, and colors of lingerie. Want to see them all? You will! We give you a tour during your Meet & Greet and at your Fitting Session. But I promise you, you will love everything about the experience, plus the lingerie! Want to bring your own? Do it! Want to wear just sweat pants? Do it! Want to be fully nude covered in silks? DO IT!

So, Lets Walk You Through The Process..

Once you have finished reading everything on this guide, lets chat! We will schedule you a time for your Phone Consultation and go over everything! If you already have done that great! During Your Phone Consultation we will go over any questions you might have, and go over the process with you then! The Session Retainer (Fee) will be paid during this and your Session Time & Date will be scheduled! We will also look at options for your Meet & Greet as well!

Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet will be scheduled once you paid the Session Fee! At the Meet & Greet you will sit down with Sarah McDaniel (photographer), Lindsey Jenkins (Hair & Makeup Artist), and Raven Cashman (Shibari & BDSM Ambassador). We will sit down and go over everything with you and discuss the Vision of your Session! This is important to us because each Session is Different and Unique! After this we will schedule your Fitting Session for the Lingerie!

The Fitting Session

At the Fitting Session we try on all of the Lingerie from the Clients Closet, and some that you brought! The only things we do not provide is Shoes and Body Jewelry! So if you are planning on wearing any of that please bring them to the Fitting Session! During this Session we will look over different styles of Lingerie, Colors, and Body Harnesses. We suggest that you eat before the Fitting Session, and show up in Sweatpants and a Shirt! Wondering why We do a Fitting Session? Well, we want to make sure everything is perfect the day of your session! So we go ahead and fit everything to you so you can just show up and be pampered!

The Day of your Session you will have the best time known to man! The duration of the whole Session will be around 3-4 Hours! During your Session you will arrive and have your Hair & Makeup done! We will sit and chat, laugh, and go over everything like old friends! This is the fun part because you just get to sit back and relax! After you transform into a Goddess we will look over lingerie designs together. We take our time with this to make sure you have the best fitting lingerie that showcases your amazing form! And then, magic happens! We take our time going over all of the sets, photos, and poses together. Each photo you will see on the back of the camera to allow you to see yourself without edits. WHICH. IS. AMAZING.

After the Photo Session you can go pick up some food while we get ready for your Ordering Session! This allows for you to sit back at the studio and relive your amazing experience! The Ordering Session is done at the Norfolk Studio right after your Photography Session!

So what is the next part? What do I do next?!

Well, you need to officially sign the contract and place your retainer fee down. This fee holds your time and date for the session, and is nonrefundable. We often book clients months in advance, so both the contract and retainer fee needs to be completed!

The Products & Images are sold Separately. Your Session fee allows for us to create a Unique Experience and pay commissions to the Florist and Hair & Makeup team! Within this Session we will produce beautiful images for you to be able to purchase during your Ordering Session! Clients typically spend between $3500-$6000 on their products. We offer Financing Options through PayPal Credit and Square Installments as well!

The Session Fee is $350 and it includes:

  • A Phone Consultation to discuss, plan, and chat about your session!
  • Fitting Session for Lingerie
  • A Complementary Meet & Greet to meet myself, my assistant Lindsey, take a tour of the studio, go over products, and see the VIP Clients Closet!
  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • Professional Editing of Images
  • Access to the VIP Clients Closet
  • One on One Posing Coach
  • Personalized Gift Bag & Thank you card!
  • Maternity Milk Bath Flowers
  • Access to a Private Studio with Unique Sets
  • Private Ordering Session to purchase products.


Package 5: $5500 (Valued at $8,650)

  • 12x12 Luxury Album, 10x10 Luxury Album, or a Glass Keepsake Box with 30 Images
  • 30 Digital Images + Digital Gallery
  • (2) 16x24 Wall Prints
  • 20x30 Wall Print
  • Complimentary Session to be Booked within 12 Months.

Package 4: $3500 (Valued at $5,100)

  • 10x10 Luxury Album or a Glass Keepsake Box with 20 Images
  • 20 Digital Images + Digital Gallery
  • 16x24 Wall Print

Package 3: $2600 (Valued at $3,500)

  • 8x8 Standard Album with 10 Images
  • 10 Corresponding Digital Images + Digital Gallery
  • 16x24 Wall Print

Package 2: $1800 (Valued at $2,600)

  • 8x10 Glass Keepsake Box with 10 Matted Prints
  • 5 Digital Images + Digital Gallery
  • 16x24 Wall Print

Package 1: $1,200 (Valued at $2000)

  • (2) 11x14 Wall Print
  • 16x24 Wall Print

Session Add On:

  • One on One Shibari Rope Sessions: $150
  • 30 Second Video: $150
  • 1 Minute Video: $350
  • Video & Album Collection $1,000


Keepsake Boxes (Wooden or Glass)

  • 8x10 Keepsake with 20 Matted Prints: $2500
  • 8x10 Keepsake with 15 Matted Prints: $2000
  • 8x10 Keepsake with 10 Matted Prints: $1500


  • 12x12 Luxury Album with Video Box (20 Images): $5,000
  • 12x12 Standard Album (includes 20 Images): $3500
  • 10x10 Standard Album (Includes 20 Images): $2000
  • 8x8 Standard Album (Includes 20 Images): $1500
  • 5x5 Little Black Book (8 Images): $700

Wall Prints

  • 30x40: $1500
  • 20x30: $1000
  • 16x24: $800
  • 11x14: $600

Digital Collections:

  • 10 Images: $1,000
  • 20 Images: $2,000
  • 30 Images: $3,000

Financing Options & Payment Plans:

We Understand that this can be an investment and at Sarah McDaniel Studio we want to be able to cater to a wide range of budgets. We offer a Pre-Session Payment Plan Option, Financing Options via Square Installments, and a Layaway Four Month Option with a $500 Down Payment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What If I am Not A Size Two?

One, Fuck What They Think. At Sarah McDaniel Studio we do not judge based on how society sees woman. We welcome men and woman of all shapes, colors, and sizes into our studio. We also have a VIP Clients Closet full of 150 different pairs of Lingerie that are sizes XXS-7XL. Documenting your self love journey is something we take very, very seriously. During the Meet & Greet we go over all of the lingerie together. We also go over any concerns, questions, and show you around the studio. You are more than welcome to purchase your own lingerie, and we have websites provided if you need assistance!

Where Does The Session Take Place?

Your Session will take place at our Luxurious Studio in Norfolk Virginia! Our Address is 2501 Fawn Street Norfolk Va! We are right by the Norfolk Zoo! If you are booking from far away we can travel to you!

Is Hair & Makeup included?

Yes! Each Experience with Sarah McDaniel Studio provides the client with their own Hair & Makeup Artist! The Hair & Makeup Artist will contact the client 1-2 weeks before their Session. We pride ourselves in taking the time to make sure that each clients vision of their Hair & Makeup is perfection! The Hair & Makeup will be done at our Luxurious Studio in Norfolk Virginia the day of the session!

What if I am Awkward, Will you help me pose?

Yes! Trust me when I tell you that we will do everything for you. I help you pose your feet all the way to your face. I do this for numerous reasons. One, because you look amazing. Two, because it takes the stress away from you. And three, because I want you to look and feel amazing. I will show you the poses, pose you based on how comfortable you are, and then show you the photos on the back of the camera. Right? I am the type of photographer that I want you to see how Bad Ass you look behind the lens. And get this, it wont be photo-shopped. So you get to see how you ACTUALLY LOOK, which is AMAZING.

How Much Am I Looking To Pay?

The amount that you are looking to pay is all based around what YOU would like to purchase! All Sessions have a Session Fee of $350, and digital images and products are sold separately. The average client invests between $3500-$5500 on their overall experience. However we offer a wide variety of packages and payment plans for clients!

Are You Ready?! Let's Do This!

I'm so excited to get to meet you and provide this unique opportunity and experience for you! You truly will never regret it! Please contact me so we can start planning your session and let me know in the message if you read over this guide!

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