Propaganda campaigns across Allies and Axis countries By:Noel swimmer

Propaganda was open to anyone and everyone and that was the point. No matter what age, religion or race propaganda was meant to convince people of a certain idea and point of view. Eventually the enemy countries began to broadcast their propaganda overseas. Axis nations began to broadcast their own propaganda to weaken the morale Allied soldiers, Many countries found this effective and soon started to follow the trend to weaken the enemy countries. Japanese hired an English speaking female to broadcast and were soon titled as "Tokyo Rose." The axis nations used a women named Mildred Gillars who became the face of "Axis Sally." These female announcers and broadcasters were a huge impact and strategy on how to talk to the enemy's own people and promote their own propaganda.

Going more into the life of a female broadcaster for either Allied or Axis powers. For example, the story to how "Axis Sally' began was different. Mildred Elizabeth Gillars was the voice and image for "Axis Sally." How she began to broadcast for the Axis powers was when she fell in love with a German solider. Her first profession was being an English teacher for kids. She occasionally would surprise the Allied power by revealing secret information. The propaganda that she would promote to the Allied powers they found very amusing and hilarious. Gillars was also convicted for treason propaganda broadcasts four years after the war ended. Axis Sally's program consist of regular propaganda that was meant to make american soldiers in Europe feel home sick. That wasn't the only strategy she would use during her broadcast. For example, she would try to make soldiers cast doubt about their mission, their leaders, and their prospects after the war. This was the way to broadcast propaganda and some strategies used to weaken the enemy country.

Although many countries could try and use propaganda many would say that the Nazi's were the masters of propaganda. They took their own propaganda to convince their country and enemy countries to the extreme. The Nazis would produce films and present them to the public with no restrictions on age. These films were presented to families and government leaders. These films would talk about how leaders would act and would completely show political bias in the films. For example, Triumph of the Will was a major production with sixteen camera crews and sets designed to highlight Nazi power. Film criticism was replaced by Filmbeobachtung wherein writers merely described content without comment on the quality. The point of propaganda is also to bash a country and talk badly of them, but to be very sneaky about it to where it wasn't obvious. These films would show one side of the story and would be viewed to the public in order to get them to think that was how the war was.

They were many people that protested for one side of the war. This was an endless fight on which side was better the Allies or the Axis power. One problem that most people don't understand was that there was a group that would not pick a side at all. This also caused problems for both the Axis and Allied powers. The more that people were convinced that war wasn't good means they wouldn't support war. By people not supporting war means no one would buy war bonds and could weaken the army of either the Axis or Allied powers. The solution wasn't war ,but that wasn't what most people wanted either.

Propaganda was designed to be sneaky and not obvious. Some people and political leaders were really fast to learn the smart ways of propaganda. There would be the big leaders that would speak in front of millions and convince them of their own political bias beliefs. Most didn't have to be a leader to convince them ,but they could also be a community leader and convince a small group of people. Soon community leaders were secretly trained to persuade others of political beliefs such as high respected churchmen. Propaganda was everywhere whether it was by a person or a product. Some would say it was selling emotional security. If this was discovered by the government leaders it would eventually result in closer. It was a very sneaky tactic to have close people and friends in a community to be convinced of a new political overview.

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