Watson Agriculture

Product Development Strategy

  • This strategy will be to integrate Watson and a user platform into the precision farming industry.
  • This strategy will focus on bringing together several disjointed inputs and technologies to create one revolutionary product and service that will forever change the way that the United States and Canada grow and consume grown food. (S3,S4,S6,O4,O6)
  • The Four Inputs

Precision Agriculture

  • Population and Urban living increases
  • Huge waste problems in large-scale farming
  • DuPont and Monsanto
  • $20 billion crop increase projected

Profitability Analysis

  • 4 Years
  • NPV $93,000,000
  • IRR 23.7%
  • Hurdle Rate 11.94%

Operations Timeline

Management Structure / HR

Estimated Revenues Watson Agriculture

Why Product Development?

SWOT Highlights

  • Strengths: Growing Popularity of Watson and the acquisition of the Weather Compnay
  • Weaknesses: Consistently declining revenue and intense competition in other industries
  • Opportunities: Data processing and hosting growth and growing demand for efficient agriculture solutions
  • Threats: Computer Manufacturing industry projected to decrease and slowing global economy growth

QSPM Findings

  • Two strategies
  • Used weighted SWOT in QSPM
  • Precision Agriculture was more profitable option

Current Financial Status Compared to Competitors

With and Without Ratio Comparison

With and Without Income Statement Comparison

Balance Scorecard

  • Watson Agriculture operating profit reach $259.5 Million by Year 2020
  • Retain 90% of new employees Y/Y for duration of strategy
  • Obtain the business of the top 5% of all crop farmers in US and Canada by 2020
  • Total farm yield for customers up 7% by end of 2019 growing season

Biblical Worldview

Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25

Genesis 2:15 says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

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