My visit to: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Alexa Campbell

The Spacial Experience

Outside the theatre, waiting for the show to start!

I'd walked through the Reitz union a hundred times, somehow without ever turning my head and seeing the Constans Theatre. I thought the wooden design was unique, especially since it didn't match the rest of the Reitz decor.

We got to the theatre early enough so that we had good seats, about 7 rows from the front. I like being closer to the stage for performances because then I'm able to notice smaller details, such as minute facial expressions that one might miss from the back. I expected the auditorium to be bigger than it was, but I think it created a more intimate feeling between the stage and the audience. That's something I especially noticed as the lights dimmed and the show began, an air of anticipation.

For me, "place" is a huge part of my good life. I have big plans for my life, most of them including living in Spain or South America, and visiting everywhere in between. A person's surroundings can greatly contribute to their attitude, whether it be their physical location or closeness to a support system of friends and family.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with a friend in my Good Life discussion, and two of her friends. I saw another one of my friends as we filed into our seats. I didn't do much to get ready for the performance other than dress nicely, and make sure I had my Gator One ID for admission. Going with friends made going to the theater more fun; instead of sitting in silence before the performance began, we were chatting about our lives and what had happened that week.

Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.----Billy Dee Williams

Humans are social beings, so being around people is something we crave. A memory I can laugh about with my best friend is way better than something else pleasant that only I know. A trip with my roommate is more valuable to me than a solo vacation.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experiences

walking in to the theatre! liked this painting

There were several issues that were brought up over the course of three hours. I think the main theme overall was the idea of "corruption" and it was demonstrated by the flaws of the church and in the factory. I took AP US History my junior year of high school, so I'm very educated on church corruptions throughout history and the terror of factory working conditions. The performance simply reminded me of the hardships that many people faced through time, something I hadn't really had time to re-process since 2015.

The substance of the play didn't relate to me personally, other than the fact that I'm also Catholic. I think the idea of exploitation of the working class however is relevant to all of our lives. While we don't have horrible working condition like they did during the time of this play, currently our country is struggling in other ways, such as a low minimum wage and the pay gap. Both of these things should be fixed, but it seems like there's always a "factory owner" type at the head of the line, who aims to get repetitive answers and not worrying about the collateral damage.

The Emotional Experience

leaving the theater with my pamphlet!

I think this play allows for a release, or katharsis, of the issues that were pertinent at the time, but also reminding us the importance of theater as a means to spread awareness and commentary on a problem. It directly shows us the occurrence of problems and the effects of them, especially with the raw emotion displayed.

COnclusion: My Opinions

Overall, I think this was a really great play to see! I was really confused in the first act, but everything made sense in the second. I especially enjoyed how there was a play within a play, demonstrating to the audience the importance of the theater. I thought the messages were profound, and the events that transpired definitely caused a reaction from the audience, shown by audible sighs and claps.

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