“I can not believe how amazing every tiny moment is. Time goes way too fast. I can barely remember what new thing it was that she did yesterday…. I can remember finding it thoroughly fascinating and feeling incredibly proud… It must have been something amazing I just can’t get my tired baby-brained head to recall it right now. This and a million other tiny but amazing milestones fade into one big blur and then… where did 5 months go?? Did I dream it? I so want to remember each of those tiny details in years to come.... "

"I keep a photo journal of Emilie's life so far and it’s something I absolutely adore looking back on. I’m continually amazed at how much one little person can change in the blink of an eye. “Surely she was never that tiny” is the first thought that always comes to mind when I look back. At 8lb 6oz I never really thought of her as tiny at the time, but now I see it. I cherish the pictures I have, which capture just that, her tinyness, her newness, the very start of her little story."

"I will always cherish those first weeks and look back on them so very fondly. So much love, spellbound infatuation and oh-my-god-did-we-actually-do-this-ness. Those times are so worth documenting, it’s the start of your story as a parent and of their brand new life, which is full of endless possibilities."

I'm so thankful that I have my photographs to look back on. They bring a flood of memories and emotions rushing back. How could I have forgotten them so quickly...

And this is why I do what I do...

I'm want to help you capture your own unique beautiful little moments. So you too can have memories that last a lifetime

So here is a little more about me and what I do....

Hi! I'm Adele,

Most days you can find me getting a caffeine fix whilst meeting up with other local mum’s in and around Epsom. As the mum to a 9 month old, getting out and about both keeps me sane and Emilie entertained and I absolutely love exploring where we live, here in Surrey.

I am mostly known for enjoying a good natter and a little bit of cake (and a lot of coffee) and on certain evenings a cheeky G&T with a slice of lime. My guilty pleasure is a bit of X-factor which drives my husband nuts and I’m always turning the thermostat up just after he’s turned it down. I’m definitely a morning person (thanks to the aforementioned coffee) and I love a cold crisp morning with a bright blue sky.

I like to provide all my clients with a photography experience that is tailored to them. If you like to chat over the phone we’ll have a phone conversation but if you’re busy and prefer to catch up over email late at night when you’ve got a moment to yourself then we can communicate that way too – it really is up to you!

What I’ll want to know is the sort of photography you want. What are your hopes and dreams for your session? What is it about your baby that you want to remember 20 years from now and HOW do you want to remember it? In an album that can be handed down from generation to generation, in a wall portrait that will make you smile every single day? From there, we will work together to choose backdrops, props and outfits to achieve that vision.

Whether there are any particular shots/poses/set-ups that you’ve seen that you particularly like, whether you have a colour scheme in mind for you newborn photos or whether you prefer posed sleepy shots or wide awake lifestyle images. I want to tailor your session so that you have your memories the way you want to remember them.

Getting to know you is an important part of the process. When you look back on your photos you’ll remember how you felt at the time and I want nothing more than for you to feel relaxed and happy knowing that you're watching your beautiful memories being created exactly the way you want. I want you to come to the session and enjoy the experience.

One thing that I like to mention is that nearly every new mother I've photographed has had reservations about being in front of the camera so soon after giving birth. I always encourage every woman to have those early day photographs with their baby. They do not need to be shared, they can be just your little memory. Your body has done an amazing thing and this time is such a precious time between mother and baby.

Trust me in years to come you will want a picture to remind you of this incredibly precious time. A time that will be gone in a blink of an eye.


I’m a professional photographer with many years experience. I have a portable backdrop stand so that I can bring a studio feel to your home (if that’s something you’d like) and I have a whole array of newborn photography wraps, outfits and props to suit a range of tastes.

When photographing newborns I prepare the backdrop using colours to suit your own personal style and then I wrap and pose the baby with care. I take beautifully posed images as well as close ups of all his/her gorgeous little details.

Not only am I well trained and experienced behind the lens I am also an experienced editor of photographs. I love the process of turning a photograph into artwork and my digital retouching ranges from covering up those dark circles under exhausted eyes to creating a piece of beautiful artwork that you’d love to have printed on canvas and hung around your home. I spend days after your initial shoot perfecting your images, a lot of love care and attention goes in to each and every image in your gallery.

I spend a lot of time working on your photographs and I hope this shows in my work. And I hope the big reveal is worth the wait! It can be very emotional… even the dads cry.

During your viewing appointment you will view a slideshow of all your images set to music and I will be there to answer any questions you may have throughout the selection process.

You will be able to touch and feel products as well as see realistic mockups of what the images will look like on the walls of your very own home. This is an incredible opportunity to decorate the home you love with images of the people you love most in the world. I am experienced in the area of photographic wall design and I love nothing more than to help you choose the perfect portrait(s) to fit in your space.

It’s completely up to you what you choose as your forever keepsake. You have the option of purchasing both the digital images (that you can print yourself) and some magnificent products that are sourced from the best professional photographic suppliers from around the UK. Excellent quality, printed keep sakes that are only available to photographers and therefore cannot be found on the high street.


Display your portraits where they will bring you joy every day

If you purchase digital images only, please get them printed so you don’t forget about them in a drawer somewhere. We all have the best intentions to get around to printing our images but sometimes a beautiful little life gets in the way...

These moments are some of the happiest in your life, treasure them and show them off, and find a way of having a daily reminder of how wonderful a time it was.

Would you like to find out more or ask me any questions?

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