vehicle rules a research JOURNAL by Breann keith

Friday, may 5 ,2017

What learnt that you can heart. By siting in your vehicle in the school parking lot. It is not good there are shorting and killing that you getting said to people in the school parking lot. But all school are not like that some of them that are so nice other people they are not all mean to others like some school.

Friday, may 12, 2017

There is not good things to sit in you vehicles because you can get things missing out of your can if you do not lock it so what i am telling is to lock your vehicles be for you get in to the school. you can have your vehicle happens to it like your vehicles it is all on you. the school parking is not safe for kids to walk alone you need to walk with a people that you know.

Monday, May 22, 2017

I am noticing that most people are getting in trouble bye sitting in there vehicles that should not be the cause. The peers are getting in trouble for noting why should they be in trouble for sitting in are vehicles. they should be able to what they want in there car or anything that is just wrong.

Thursday, may 25, 2017

I thank that we should be able to sit in are vehicles it will cause no trouble or fight in the school. There will not be that people kilning one other. Their are more then one way the save this problem but there can be lest fight and getting in trouble. You will not have to do so much work with the people.

Friday, may 26, 2017

So what notice about this topic it is save and it is not save for some kids to be sitting in there vehicles. When you are not in a good mood you can go to your car be for school. If you want you can have fun in your vehicles if you feel like it they can not do noting about.


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