Florida Museum of Natural History The BUtterfly rainforest

Nature is on display in the butterfly garden in a way you can rarely experience. You are able to see up close a variety of butterflies, sometimes even getting within a foot of them, as seen in the photos above. This closeness naturally raises curiosity about butterflies and there are plenty of interesting facts on display about butterflies such as they taste with their feet , don't have lungs, and their color comes from millions of shingle like overlapping scales. Without the physical representation of these facts I wouldn't have paid attention to these facts and being so close to the butterflies was immensely enjoyable.
Visiting the butterfly exhibit also instills a sense of responsibility towards the fate of the beautiful animals on display. The natural beauty that the exhibit recreates is something that can't be found on a busy street or a mall, and is something we should cherish. The Natural History Museum allows visitors of the museum to connect with nature by creating a beautiful world of butterflies and exotic plants that mesmerize the visitor.
The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our everyday lives by giving us an beautiful and natural environment to appreciate and reflect on. The peaceful surroundings let us appreciate the amazing traits even creatures as small as butterflies have and the grandeur of the incomprehensible natural world.
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