A Soldier's Journey Home Home going of Frank Griffin, Jr.

When you think of your best friend, confident, leader, and all around person, who comes to mind? Frank Griffin.

On November 30, 2016, our best friend Frank Griffin transitioned to be with the Lord. Frank is survived by his wonderful wife, Almetta C. Griffin, his children Gina and Frank III; his brothers Johnny, Rodney, and Kevin; his sisters Brenda, Joyce, Tanya (Toni), and Lisa; brother-in-laws Sherman and M. Sammye Miller, Lemuel R. James; sister-in-laws Zenobia James (Doc Z), Althea Bell, Gywnelle and Gloria Miller; his grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.

On November 30, 2016, our best friend Frank Griffin transitioned to be with the Lord. Frank is survived by his wonderful wife, Almetta C. Griffin, his children Gina and Frank II; his brothers Johnny, Rodney, and Kevin; his sisters Brenda, Joyce, Tanya (Toni), and Lisa; his grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.

On January 9, 1947 in Pine Buff, Arkansas, Bernice and Frank Griffin welcomed their eldest son, Frank, Jr. Because Frank was his parent’s first child, his early years he enjoyed that attention you go from his grandmother and aunts. When Frank and his moved to Chicago, it was a challenge for him. The first time in his life he had to share. The lesson of sharing help mold Frank to become the man he is today.

When Frank turned 17, he decided that he wanted to serve his by joining the Army. Frank’s used the Army to grow and develop along with welcoming every opportunity to experience what the Army had to offer. One of these opportunities offered to Frank, was becoming a Para-trooper; during a time when African Americans were limited to what they could do. Frank’s personality and willingness to learn continued to open doors form him. At the age 22, Frank was honorably discharged.

Showing his nephews how it's done.

Coming back to Chicago, Frank becomes a correctional officer, through the years he moved up the ranks and upon retiring he had served as Captain for several years.

The Perfect Couples

Frank, single and carefree met his life long partner in a parking garage in Chicago. When he saw her, he knew that Almetta was the one. The years have been wonderful for Frank and Almetta. They understood what it would take to lay the foundation for a positive and good marriage. They are the best of friends, confidents, companions for each other and sometimes; girlfriend and boyfriend.

As a retiree, Frank was not a stay at home person, he needed to do something with his time, so he worked part time as a security officer at one of the local colleges. While working his part time job, he went to see his grandchildren in Arizona and got the Arizona bug. It was time to move.

Arizona offered Frank he wanted in life, a beautiful home, sunny days, time with his family and time with his wife. Frank enjoyed sports, his grandchildren, travel, working on his computer, doing puzzles to keep his mind sharp, reading and most of all music.

Frank did not ask for much, it was a simple man who gave much. When there was a need he was there. Frank touched all of our lives and even in his final days, he was still the rock.

Frank you are loved by your family and friends. As you will be missed by not forgotten.

The Rock and Mortar of A Family

One must wonder what the world would be like if you were never here?

One must wonder, where would we be without your knowledge and wisdom?

The Greatest Love

One must wonder, what path we would have taken without your direction?

Final Touch

One must wonder, would we know our history without you reminding us where we came from?

One must wonder, would we be able to laugh at ourselves when we make a mistake?

One must wonder, would we stand strong during difficult times without your support and understanding?

Preparing for Frank's final tour of the City he loved so much.

One must wonder, would be a family strong or a family divided, without your commitment to family?

Me and my uncle preparing to his tour.

One must wonder, would we be able to show love, compassion, commitment, determination, without your sacrifice?

Dearest, Frank, because you gave so much and asked for so little, we can celebrate you.

We don’t have to wonder what the world would be like without you, because you were a gift to two loving parents.

We don’t have to wonder, where we would be without your knowledge and wisdom, because your years taught you the lessons to share.

We don’t have to wonder, what path we would take without your direction, you never steered us in the wrong direction, even if you did not agree with the decision.

Thompson's was having a celebration for those who have gone on and allowed me the opportunity to light the first candle for Frank.

We don’t have to wonder, would we know our history, you make sure that we understood the struggles and the triumphs.

We don’t have to wonder, if we could laugh at ourselves, you showed us how when you laughed at yourself.

We don’t have to wonder, if would stand strong, during your time of struggle you never stop being the foundation that held things together.

We don’t have to wonder, if we would be a family divided, we are a family strong. (I know you are smiling now).

Words cannot express your compassion for your family and friends, words cannot express your commitment and determination, and words cannot express what you were willing to sacrifice so that your family would not.

Your love is as strong as it was in death as it was in life, because you gave each one of us a piece of you and the memories will also be strong.

Frank this is not farewell, we salute you. Master Sergeant, Husband, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend.

Family's Journey

Flags on the limousine represent remembering and celebrating a fallen Veteran.
Almetta Griffin, how beautiful.
Almetta C. Griffin
Kevin and Johnny Griffin

Pilgram Rest Baptist Church Phoenix, Arizona

Johnny Griffin, Brother
Kevin Griffin, Brother
Gina Griffin, Daugher
Kevin & Gina enjoying Frank's memories
Preparing for his Going Home Service
The Griffin Family
The Service
Special Words from the Family
Salute from Veteran to Veteran

Final Rest National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona


Final Salute: Master Sergeant Frank Griffin, Jr.

"Taps" is a bugle call played at dusk, and funerals by the U.S. military. The official military version is played by a single bugle, although other versions of the tune may be played in other contexts (e.g., the US Marines Ceremonial Music site has recordings of two bugle and one band version).
Military Honor: A Final Salute Presenting the Flag

Dust to Dust - Ashes to Ashes we commit our beloved Frank to his final resting place until the time when Christ arises.

Peace wonderful Peace

On behalf of me and my family, I want to personally thank everyone who expressed their love, understanding and support, during our time of celebrating Frank's transition.

Special thank you to Thompson's Funeral Chapel (Sean and Cynthia) and you wonderful staff.

Desert Rose Limousines, our driver was outstanding.

And our outstanding Funeral Escorts.


B. Varsylvia James and Ricky Johnson

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